It doesn’t matter where I go, or who I see, it seems like nearly everyone has a cell phone today. Lots of those people are playing games on their cell phones, too! If you have a cell phone and have a few extra minutes between appointments, classes, or while waiting at the doctor, cell phone games can help you pass the time. I love playing games on my cell phone!

Cell Phone Games photo
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Here are my top picks for cell phone games:

#1 Cell Phone Game: Diner Dash
Diner Dash is my all time #1 favorite cell phone game! Poor Flo left her job and became a waitress. In Diner Dash, she must juggle sitting customers, getting their orders turned in, serving them food, and giving them their bill-all before they get mad and leave her restaurant! You can get bonus points, and every time one restaurant is successfully served, a new restaurant, and more work for Flo, is opened.

The restaurants in my version of Diner Dash are Diner, Tiki Palace, Seafood, and Chez Flo. Each restaurant has 10 levels.

Gemma's Journey in Blitz Quest

If you missed watching Gemma's journey earlier, here it is! #BejeweledBlitz #BlitzQuest

Geplaatst door Bejeweled op Vrijdag 24 mei 2019

#2 Cell Phone Game: Bejeweled
Like it’s online cousin, this game is simply addictive! The goal? To move your “jewels” so that there are three of the same color in a row, either horizontally or vertically. Once there are three or more in a row, those “jewels” disappear, giving you points, and the more jewels are added. You can earn bonus points and the game continues until there are no more jewels that can be moved to form a line of three.

#3 Cell Phone Game: Tetris
This has been one of my favorite games! It’s still nearly as popular as it was when it was released in 1985. The concept behind it is simple, quick and sometimes not so easy. Different shapes of blocks fall from the tops of your phone screen, and you need to move them into place to form a solid line. Every time you form a solid line, the line disappears and you get points.

You loose the game if the blocks mount up and block any other shapes from falling into your playing arena.

#4 Cell Phone Game: Collapse
Woohoo! Another puzzle game! Different colored pieces rise from the bottom of your screen, moving towards the top. Your goal? To spot any grouping of three same-colored pieces and click on any of the boxes which will eliminate them from the game. As these pieces disappear, the pieces surrounding them are automatically rearranged, so you continue to look for the grouping of three format.

You loose when the series of blocks reaches the top of the screen, stopping any other blocks from coming up from the bottom.

#5 Cell Phone Game: PacMan
Who hasn’t played, or seen PacMan??? Ok, for the benefit of those of you who haven’t played PacMan, there’s a little person that can be manipulated to move around a track of sorts, trying to move over little dots that are then eliminated from the screen. When all of the dots have been eliminated you are moved to a higher, more difficult level. All the while, little monsters are chasing you, trying to eat you (and make you loose the game).