Sennheiser is one of the best brands, if not the very best, when it comes to quality headphones and telephone headsets. Listed here are some of the best, most of which can be used for a variety of things along with as a phone.

Telephone Headset photo
Photo by alanclarkdesign

Sennheiser CC 550 Binaural Headset

At around $120, this headset just may be the most expensive one you’d ever own. But it’s worth it, especially if you spend hours a day on the phone. Compatible with all major telephone and call-center systems, the CC 550 provides crisp clear sound, noise cancelling microphone that is one of the best at blocking out background noise, anti-shock in earpieces that protect against acoustic shock and hearing damage, large and padded ear caps (that are also replaceable) that help block out noise and also offer supreme comfort. This is a great headset for both comfort and perfect sound, both great for long days at the office.

Sennheiser PC 161 Binaural Headset

Although this is billed as the ultimate gaming headset, it can also be used as a telephone. At $60 it is not exactly cheap for a headset, but when it comes to quality and comfort, it’s more than worth its price. If you want superior sound and microphone quality coupled with a headset that’s more than comfortable enough to use for hours on end, the PC 161 is definitely for you.

Sennheiser PC 151

Another headset geared for gaming, but also working great for a home or office telephone, the PC 151 is pretty much a cheaper version of the 161. The comfort level is very high, with its full-size ear cushions and lightweight build doesn’t weigh on you even after hours of use. It also comes with a great noise-cancelling microphone, a high-volume level with an adjustable volume control on the cord, and amazing sound that’s perfect for gaming or hearing those you’re speaking to. These run around $45, and at that price, this headset is more than a great deal.

Sennheiser MM50 Stereo Headset for Mobile Phones

If you’re looking for a quality headset to use with your mobile phone, you may want to consider the Sennheiser MM50, which is generally priced around $50. It’s hard to beat the sound quality with this, which lets you hear even the most subtle sounds and pick up things you’ve never heard before in your music. The earpiece design is great at blocking outside noise, and also comes with 3 different sizes in earpieces, so everyone can find the perfect fit.

Sennheiser PC130 Headset

The PC130 is another game-geared headset, that definitely is not the best in the line but for its price (averaging about $35) is a pretty good deal. The sound quality isn’t perfect and doesn’t capture every little noise, but it’s better than other cheaper headsets or even those you’ll find for around the same price. The quality of the microphone is “good enough,” meaning it also isn’t perfect, but it works well enough so those on the other end can easily hear and understand you. Also included is an in-line volume control, microphone mute, and a comfortably lightweight design so you can use for long hours gaming or talking on the phone.