After 2 years of having the best and newest touchscreen phone on the Sprint network, I recently upgraded to the best phone that I have ever had. I was very unhappy with the touchscreen keyboard on my old phone, the Samsung Instinct. So I vowed to never purchase a phone that did not include a slide out QWERTY keyboard or a Blackberry type phone. Well in June of 2009, I had finally found the perfect phone.

Sanyo Cell Phone photo
Photo by Sklathill

All of the Blackberry models, whether is be on the AT&T;, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile network, all require a data plan in order to purchase the phone. That means another $15-30 a month! I found out a way to get a blackberry type phone, and not have to pay that extra monthly charge. That’s when I found the Sanyo 2700. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, speakerphone, QWERTY keyboard and web capabilities. It’s the newest Sanyo phone on the market and it is totally worth the upgrade. The great thing about the Sanyo 2700 is that the keys stick up off of the phone, which makes it very easy for texting, web browsing and even dialing.

You can get the Sanyo 2700 in 2 cool colors, Blue or Pink. If you choose the pink one, you also get a cute floral design on the phone as well. The battery is packed with juice, as you can talk on the phone for 8-10 hours. I have even left the phone off the charger for 3 days, texted the letters off of the poor thing, and still had half a battery on it. One of the cool features is that it has a button on the phone that says “TEXT”. When you press that button, it takes you to your contacts, which you can proceed to choose the person you want to text, or multiple people, and send them a quick text. Inside the box, you only get the phone, battery, and AC charger. But there is no need for a case, because it is very durable. This phone has taken many drops on a concrete floor, and has NO scratches or marks on it at all!

The Sanyo 2700 is the perfect phone for a text-a-holic, and for those who want a blackberry, but without the extra monthly charge. It is currently FREE on a two year contract, or a new two year upgrade, and is available only on the Sprint network.