After over five years of use, my old LG phone finally kicked the bucket. After analyzing the wide range of cellular phones available through Verizon Wireless, from the Chocolate™ to the Juke to the Pearl™, I finally settled on the new VENUS™ by LG. So far, I have been pleased with my purchase.

LG Phone photo
Photo by mastermaq

Retailing at around $200 to $250 with a Verizon Wireless two-year contract, the VENUS™ offers both fun and function, all in a compact, stylish package. This 4 x 2 x 0.62-inch Bluetooth®-capable slider phone is available in fuschia pink or black, and its surface has a large, interactive touch screen for navigating between its various menus and tools. Initially, I was a little concerned about the durability of the touch screen, but it appears to be holding up quite well. I did purchase a clear plastic cover to protect the phone, which I recommend, and will probably be adding a screen protector soon.

The VENUS™ includes standard features such as a calendar, notepad, calculator, alarm clock, tip calculator, speakerphone, speed dialing, and voice commands, in addition to extras like a music player, a camera, and microSD™ removable memory. The phone’s sound quality is impeccable; when I’m speaking to my husband on it, he sounds as though he is standing right next to me.

The phone’s 2.0-megapixel camera is easy to use for capturing both photo and video. The design of the camera menus makes it easy to move from snapping a photo to sending it via picture or video message.

My favorite feature of the VENUS™ is its music player, which is very user-friendly. Many other phone models only allow the user to listen to music files purchased directly from V CAST, which wasn’t appealing to me, since I already have a number of music files on my PC. With the software that accompanies the VENUS™, however, I can easily transfer music files between my computer and phone and can even organize the songs into playlists. At the moment, I only have about a dozen music files stored in the phone, but as soon as I purchase a high-capacity memory card, I plan to transfer many more. I purchased a wired headphone setup for the VENUS™, and I jog with the phone strapped into an armband. It works flawlessly. I really appreciate not having to carry both a phone and an MP3 player individually, since my single VENUS™ serves both purposes.

In short, while the VENUS™ is rather expensive, it offers just about everything that today’s basic mobile phone user could want, with its best feature probably being its music player. Those who are in the mood to splurge should definitely check it out.