Smart Phone photo
Photo by Jangra Works

My favorite smart phone would have to be the Sprint LG Optimus S. The reason this smart phone is my favorite is simple. This is the only smart phone I have ever owned. Aside from that reason in particular, this phone allows me to surf the internet, download apps, check my email, and play games with people from all over the world. This phone is basically a mini, pocket sized computer. In addition to all the extra features that this phone has, it is still a phone that I can make and receive phone calls on and send and receive text messages. Not to mention this phone doubles as an MP3 player.

I like to be able to look up movie times, football scores, or just anything at the drop of a hat. This phone allows me to do just that with its internet capabilities. This phone also has a built in GPS, which is really cool if you are bad with directions, but the GPS also tells you where you took your pictures. My email is automatically sent to my phone and I receive a notification when I receive a new email. I can also play games, but not just single games by myself I can play a word game, like Scrabble with someone from 4000 miles away. You can also download apps that help you track different things, such as your weight, how many weeks pregnant you are, how many calories you are consuming a day, or how much exercise you get. These are really cool apps and there are literally millions of different apps. You can also get apps for music and ringtones. I love the technology of the smart phones.

A couple of things about this phone that I do not like would have to be the battery life. If you do not use the phone at all during the day, it will last you all day. What’s the fun in that though? So I have to charge mine once, sometimes twice a day. Another disadvantage of this phone would have to be rebooting it occasionally because it will freeze up. I guess you have to do that with any computer so it’s not that bad. Those are the only issues I have had with my Sprint LG Optimus S. I know these are just minor but a longer lasting battery would be awesome.