The rapidly reducing cost of calling, the increasing number of competitors and the ever innovative cell phone industry has resulted in a new market segment becoming available for exploitation. Both service carriers and mobile phone manufacturers have been quick to take advantage of this new market. Some phones have been design for use by children as young as 5 years old.

Children photo
Photo by SMU Libraries Digital Collections

Children love to use equipment like their parents’. The ability to communicate on a mobile for a child can be a wonderful experience.

One of the biggest selling features of the cell phones in this market is the ability of the parent to have some control over who can call their offspring and who the offspring can call.

Another valuable option is GPS tracking, where the parent can find out where their precious one is day or night.

Some of the services or phones available and the service providers or phone makers on the market today are given below.

A Florida concern, Firefly Mobile has a very interesting package targeting kids. The service has many additional features that are pleasing to the parent as well. The service appeals more to parents I daresay than the children, but their like it all the same.

– Children get a very nice looking phone

– Parents are able to keep track of their children’s whereabouts

– Parents can control the cost of calls by taking a pre-paid service.

– Parents can restrict the numbers called or the ones that can be received up to a maximum of 20.

Verizon has also entered the market using the Migo from LG. This phone has a very simple interface which children can easily master. There is also a special button for use in emergencies. Even 5-year old children can use this phone with ease.

Outgoing and incoming call restrictions can also be applied by the parent.

TicTalk is another concern offering a service to children below 10 through the AT&T; network.

Disney tried to enter the market with their own mobile service for kids, but folded towards 2007 year-end. They do still participate in the kid’s mobile market, though, through other service providers.

Through Kajeet, you can now track your child over the Internet, via their website. This makes it easy for parents to keep abreast of their child’s whereabouts even from the office.

While there are many objections to kids having cell phones, to some parents, the features and facilities available to them far outweigh any problem the using mobile phones may cause.