Lions are one of the most social and well-known felines around the world. They tend to roam around in grassland and savanna areas located in the African countries. They are also deemed to be one of the toughest predators in the wild.

Lions are mostly found in India as well Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you astounded by the lions you see in movies? Do you want to deepen your knowledge about these big felines?

This article make available information about the characteristics, native habitat, and some interesting facts about lions.

So, let’s start!


As mentioned earlier, lions are one of the strongest animals that can be found in the land. They are considered to be the toughest because of their powerful jaws, forelegs, and teeth that can take down and kill innocent prey. Aside from that, que comen los leones they also feature a compact body. Yellow to gold fur covers their body. On the one hand, adult and male lions feature shaggy coats with a color ranging from black to reddish brown to blond.

The lion’s color and length can help you know their hormones, genetics, and age for those who don’t know. The young lions feature few light spots that tend to vanish as their age. If their coats are removed, they look similar to a tiger’s body.

The male lion’s mane is considered to be a unique characteristic of this big feline. This is because they are the only one that features this mane in the line of big cats—this causes the male lions to look bigger, which results to a more intimidating appearance. A large body of a male lion signifies health status and sexual maturity.


Lions can adapt to different habitats. They can survive in dry thorn forest and in an open field with thick brushes. These big animals’ big population is mostly found in Africa – northern and southern fringe South Africa. India also features a lion’s subspecies population, but it is not as huge as in Africa.


  • Lions are a lazy animal. They tend to sleep and take a rest for about 16 – 20 hours a day. Technically, they have fewer sweat glands compared to the other wild animals. This means that they can save energy all throughout the day. During the nighttime, they become more active because of the cooler temperature.
  • Did you know that the lion’s roar is the loudest among the other felines? Well, pride can hear it even though they are 8 kilometers away. They communicate to other animals through roaring.
  • Female lions are called lionesses. They are a good mother as they take care of and adopt a neglected cub. What will make you feel “awwe” is that cubs show a playful characteristic.

Both female and male lions have an extreme night vision. Compared to humans, their eyes are much more sensitive to light. This is an advantage for them to hunt their prey during nighttime.