There are tons of smart phones on the market now. In fact most phones for sale are smart phones. Very few regular cell phones are made anymore. So if you want to get the best smart phone it is hard to know which phone to choose. Thanks to this HTC Thunderbolt review you can know about one of the best smart phones for sale now. This review should let you know if the HTC Thunderbolt is the right smart phone for you.

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The HTC Thunderbolt is one of the latest smart phones to be realised. That means that you can expect the HTC Thunderbolt to be one of the best and to also be one of the most expensive. Unless you have a upgrade coming the HTC Thunderbolt is going to cost you around $500 depending on where you get it. That might seem pricey but it is not that bad for what you get as you will see as you read more from this HTC Thunderbolt review.

The HTC Thunderbolt has many features like you would expect from a smart phone. The phone comes with an impressive 32gb card which is much more memory then most phones come with. Most phone come with 8gb and then you might want to spend the money to get the upgrade coming with the 32gb saves you money by not having to get the upgrade and makes the phone more affordable.

Most smart phones come with at least one camera. Most of the newer smart phone models come with two cameras and the HTC Thunderbolt is no exception. The phone has a 1.3Mp camera for video calls. The other camera is a full 8MP. It also records in 720 HD which is not the best HD quality but it is the second best HD quality you can get. If you do not already have a camera or a video camera then the HTC Thunderbolt is good enough to be your only camera or video camera. By saving you money doubling as a camera the HTC Thunderbolt is even more affordable.

The HTC Thunderbolt also features GPS navigation. I just bought a new and car I was able to save money not getting the navigation because the phone has it already. Many smart phones try to be everything in one device and end up not giving you a good product. With the large 8gb internal memory, 32gb expansion memory, top of the line processor, and the latest Android OS the HTC Thunderbolt has all the software to handle the top of the line hardware that the phone has.

The HTC Thunderbolt has some features that set it apart from other smart phones. The HTC Thunderbolt offers an enhanced web experience with features like google search by voice which is really handy. The one thing I should tell you in this HTC Thunderbolt review is the best thing it offers is the Internet experience. It offers a great program for keeping up with social networking. The video camera offers some great video chatting. By far the best thing about the HTC Thunderbolt is that it is 4G. Nothing else is faster. You will have amazing speeds online and the best part is being new there are few people using 4G to slow you down.

About the only bad thing I can say in this HTC Thunderbolt review is that there are not as many Android apps as Apple apps. However Android is always adding more and getting closer to Apple. I also find the Android OS much easier to use then Apple and think you are getting a much better trade off for a few less apps for a much better experience the entire time I use the phone.

Normally I do not suggest people go out and buy the newest and latest thing but advise people to wait. Often the price will go down and better improved versions will also come out. However with the HTC Thunderbolt you get something that is priced comparably with other smart phones and is not way expensive like a top of the line product like it should be priced. The HTC Thunderbolt also does not have any problems like you expect from cutting edge new products. I highly recommend the HTC Thunderbolt as you probably have already figured out from this HTC Thunderbolt review.