HTC Corporation has been making some noise recently in the smartphone market. In a market that is dominated primarily by the iPhone, Android based phones, and the recently released Google Nexus One, HTC has developed an impressive lineup of smartphones across the major carriers to compete with the "big guns." Originally rumored to be only available in Europe, HTC has officially announced the HTC HD2 touchscreen phone will be available in the United States, and will be exclusively available to T-Mobile customers.

The HTC HD2 will be great addition to the smartphone market and will give customers a capable product if they don't want to purchase an iPhone or go into commitments with other carriers. Some of the technical specifications of the HTC HD2 include:

 The first spec that stands out from the HTC HD2 is the display. Boasting a vibrant 4.74 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen, the HTC HD2's display is sure to get your attention. Watching videos and browsing photos on the large display makes the HD2 a great choice if you prefer a bigger screen for your phone.

Operating System 
 While most smartphones in today's market are running the Android operating system, or adapting to the Android operating system, the HD2 will be using a customized version of the Windows 6.5 Professional operating system.

 The HD2 has a 1Ghz snapdragon processor, giving it ample processing power to rip through any tasks you throw at it.

 The HD2 has a 5-megapixel auto focus camera for your video and photo needs.

 Whether you prefer 3G or Wifi, the HTC HD2 has you covered. The HD2 also has the Opera Mobile web browser for internet web browsing.

 The HD2 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery capable of delivering 320-380 minutes of talk time and 390-490 hours of standby time. If you are watching videos, you can expect 8 hours of battery life. If you are listening to audio, you can expect 12 hours of battery life.

 Since the HD2 is running the Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Media Player is the default media application and is capable of playing a wide array of audio and video formats. You can also listen to FM radio on your HTC HD2.

 Other specs include: Bluetooth, 512 MB ROM, 448 MB RAM, Expandable SD Slot, 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, standard micro-usb, and GPS.

Aside from the hardware, the HTC HD2 does a great job of making your phone personal. All the elements on the home screen are customizable and the HD2 has built-in integration Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While the HD2 is primarily a touch sensitive device, there are physical buttons on the phone, including Talk/Send, Home, Start, Back, and End/Power. The HTC HD2 is ideal for the consumer looking for a beautiful, sleek phone capable of competing with the iPhone or Android based devices. Look for the HTC HD2 touchscreen phone to make a big splash when it hits T-Mobile in the United States early this year.