Having a rhinestone cell phone is a great way to show your personality and style. It makes sense when you think about it-you probably take care to choose outfits that reflect your style, and your home's decorations probably are a reflection of yourself as well. So, if you use your cell phone all the time, why not have a glitzy rhinestone phone? Making a rhinestone cell phone is also a fun project that allows you to use your creativity to the max! This rhinestone phone project works best with flip-top phones, because the top portion can be used as a "canvas" of sorts with less risk of ruining the screen or buttons.


E6000 glue

Medical syringe



First you need to choose the rhinestone sizes and colors you want for your rhinestone phone. Some people like to cover the entire cell phone in rhinestones, and others simply use a few as accents. If you plan to cover every surface of your rhinestone cell phone, you'll need to determine the measurements of both the phone and the rhinestones you want to use. Use a ruler or tape measure to find the length and width of your phone, and then multiply to get the surface area. For example, my cell phone is about 1.5 X 3 inches, or 4.5 square inches, so I'll need to get as close to covering 4.5 inches on my rhinestone cell phone as possible.

You may need to convert your rhinestone cell phone measurement to millimeters-there are about 25 millimeters in an inch, so just multiply the measurements by 25. So, my cell phone is 112.5 square millimeters.

Now, decide the size of rhinestones you want for your rhinestone phone, and how many you need based on the size of the rhinestones and the size of your cell phone. I suggest 7SS rhinestones, which are small enough to fit together without having too many empty holes, but large enough that you can work with them easily. 7SS rhinestones cover a surface area of 3.8 square millimeters. To determine the number of 7SS rhinestones I need, I just divide the area of my cell phone by the area of one of the rhinestones. 112.5/3.8=29.6, and if I round up (which you should do) I will find that I need 30 rhinestones. You should add between 5 and 10 rhinestones to this count in case you make mistakes.

Now that all the math work is done, buy the rhinestones in whichever color you prefer! Some rhinestone phones are monochromatic and others use a variety of colors.

Next, it is finally time to create your rhinestone cell phone. Begin by putting the E6000 glue into a medical syringe. I like to put E6000 into a syringe because it eliminates the sticky mess that E6000 tends to cause. Using a syringe will help you to only use a small amount of E6000 (which is all you need) and will keep it from smearing all over your cell phone.

Put a dot of E6000 wherever you want to put rhinestones down. Don't use too much glue-a little will work more than enough, and you don't want E6000 glue smears all over your rhinestone cell phone. Use a tweezers to pick up the rhinestones and place them over the E6000 glue dots.

Allow your rhinestone phone to dry for at least 24 hours before using it. I know, it's hard to not touch your rhinestone cell phone for so long, but the results will be worth it!