While movie file in DVD is in VOB type, most of the cell phone can only read 3GP video files. Therefore, you cannot just simply copy and paste the files into your cell phone. You will need software to do the converting step.

DVD photo
Photo by saaby

There are many software to help you to convert from VOB to 3PG files. However, in my experience, I recommend you “Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper”. This program has a great converting speed. It also allows you to add caption in to your 3GP file.

You can download the 4 MB trial version of Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper here. The professional version costs about $30. .

This program is very simple to use. After installing and activating, click “Open” and locate the folder VIDEO_TS in your DVD. Click “OK”. You will see the main title of the movie. Click the plus sign (+) to display all the chapters. Each chapter will last about ten minutes. You can also view each chapter at “Scene Spot”. “Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper” allows you to convert each chapter to 3GP files. For instance, if you have 10 chapters in a movie, you have to convert ten times to have ten 3GP files of the entire movie.

Click “Audio Track” to choose the language. Besides, if you want to have caption in your 3GP file, click “Subtitle”, and then choose “Include Subtitle”. Otherwise, choose “Exclude Subtitle”. (In some cases, the program cannot display subtitle).

I recommend you to choose the video size; so that it can fix with your cell phone screen. In the “Video Size”, the smallest size you can choose is 160×120 and the biggest is 720×320. In addition, the quality of your video can be set at “Video Bitrate” (the lowest is 128 kbps and highest is 1024 kbps). You can also limit the output file at “Split Size”. “Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper” will save your file at a default folder D:Aplusdvdto3gp.

After all the process is done, click “Start” to convert. It took my computer about 3 minutes to convert a 10 minutes movie. To make the process faster, you should save the entire DVD into only one 3GP file. In my experience, the one and a half-hour movie is about 300 MB when converted to 3GP.

I hope this article will help you to put your favorite movie into your cell phone. Therefore, you can view it anywhere you want.