1. I do not have a GPS…
You can buy one at your local telephone or electronics store or in our shop.

2. What if I do not buy a GPS?
Then you can still download routes with Nav4All. However, we will not be able to guide you along the way. You would have to access and follow the instructions yourself.

3. I already have a navigation system. Why would I want to switch to Nav4All?
Because navigation from Nav4All is free and has an almost worldwide action radius.
In addition, Nav4All navigation data are refreshed almost daily and at no cost to you at all!

4. Why would I still need my old navigation system?
Depending on the type, you could use it as your GPS receiver.

5. Do I stay in connection with the Nav4All computer the whole time while I am navigating?
No, only to calculate the route; which is generally no more than a few seconds. If the route needs to be recalculated because you have changed your plans or ignored the directions, you would need to call the Nav4All computer with your telephone again.

6. What are the telecom costs involved?
In comparison with other forms of telecom traffic, the Nav4All telecom costs are negligible.
Significantly lower than the prices offered by other navigation service providers.

7. Why is Nav4All free?
Because we would like to introduce you to the quality of our service. That way you will never want to go back to the other systems; even if you had to pay us a small annual fee.

8. I only need a navigation system during my holidays…..
Then we would like to be your free route guide to and at your holiday destination.
Once you have to start paying for our services, you could take out a subscription for one or more weeks for only a few Euros or Dollars. That is even more advantageous for you than an annual subscription of $ 10 to $ 25.

9. Why doesn’t Na4All have a helpdesk?
Because our system is so simple and reliable. And also because we would have to charge much higher rates if we were to keep helpdesks in so many countries and in 50 languages (and we don’t want to do that).
If you have problems with the GPRS connection please contact your telecom serviceprovider.
For common questions you can go to the FAQ. It is also possible to contact us by info@nav4all.com.
Questions about the shipment you can sent to shop@nav4all.com.

10. Sometimes the system does not work so well.
This is almost always due to environmental factors preventing the GPS from calculating a correct position. For example, dense foliage on trees, proximity of high rocky cliffs, etc. could interfere with the satellite signal. Simply drive on until the connection is restored.

11. In areas where my mobile phone does not work….?
No problem; the system will keep guiding you, as long as you started before you entered the telephone vacuum. You only need a telephone connection of a few seconds before the start of the vacuum…..

12. Let your telephone be your guide.