I have been an Embarq customer for about seven months now. When I moved to Mansfield I was a little annoyed to find out that Verizon was not an option for home phone service. I had my choice between Embarq phone service and Time Warner digital phone service. I decided to go with Embarq because I got a great deal on a bundle that included home phone service with unlimited long distance service, high speed internet access and free television service through Dish Network for one year.

Home Phone Service photo
Photo by Grand Canyon NPS

Embarq is affordable when compared to other home phone services. I love that I can literally talk on the phone to anyone, anywhere for as long as I want without my bill being a penny higher. I pay an extra $15 each month for this service. It saves me so much money I have completely ditched my cell phone.

When my phone service was established Embarq had to come to my house and run a new phone line, the technician who arrived at my home was helpful, friendly and fast. He had ran a new phone line within minutes. He offered to add additional phone jacks through out the house, but as we were in the process of unpacking I declined the offer and settled for only one phone jack.

My only complaint with Embarq is not directly their fault, but around Thanksgiving my bill was 2 days late arriving at their payment office, through no fault of my own and my Dish Network service was suspended. I was quite annoyed with this, and for some reason, although my Dish Network service is free for a year they are quick to suspend service even if your bill is only a day or two late.

Embarq provides better service than I ever received as a Verizon customer. They offer a large variety of services at more affordable rates in my opinion. I will continue to rely on Embarq telephone service as long as I live in an area where Embarq is available. I love that I have a home phone even if the electricity is out, and that is the main reason I went with Embarq over Time Warner.

If Embarq is offered in your area, I would recommend that you look into their service. I am a hard to please customer at times, and I have been thrilled with the great service and affordable bundle packages Embarq offers.