Types of cell phone users

The ten types of crazy Cell phone users who will drive use Nuts 😛

Geplaatst door GaaliSeenu op Zaterdag 13 februari 2016

It is a sign of the times. Most everyone owns and uses a cell phone. It is their connection to work, friends, appointments and the rest of the world. Those that love and depend upon their hand-held devices so much that they are lost without them, cause the rest of us to fume. My husband has had as many as three cell phones at one time. He is now down to two and brings at least one of those to bed. I could include this habit as one of the cell phone uses that drives me crazy, but enough said.

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I operate within the small, dwindling segment of the population that owns a cell phone and considers it a necessary evil. It is a growing sentiment as I increasingly observe what I consider crazy cell phone use.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: While Driving
The nicest thing that can be said about a driver that allows their attention to be taken by talking, texting or otherwise using one or both of their hands to operate a cell phone —
hands that should be firmly on the steering wheel — while hurtling 60 miles an hour in a
4,000 pound piece of equipment is, well, not something I care to type. The practice has
led states and municipalities to make cell phone use while driving illegal.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: During Meals
Call me old-fashioned or overly polite, but I think that talking or texting on a cell phone during a meal is just plain rude. That includes dining in a restaurant or eating pizza at home with the kids.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Forgetting To Turn Off Phones…
…in movies, during private conversations and meetings or during weddings — any event that is meant to be uninterrupted. United Artist cinemas have a great clip running between the previews and the featured film that dubs a conversation about a pet’s visit to the Vet (“she barfed…I helped clean it up”) over a tense love scene. It makes the point pretty well.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Making The Cell Phone The First Priority
A vendor I met with, someone who was trying to make a sale to me, answered his phone about
four times during our meeting. He didn’t ask if I would mind nor did he excuse himself. He simply stopped talking (or listening) to answer his cell phone. As soon as politely possible, I excused myself from the conversation and did not buy what he was selling.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Wild Or Strange Ring/Reminder Tones
Why is the phone with the “I like ’em chunky” song from the Madagascar movie always set on the loudest volume? There are so many options for cell phone ringers and sounds. Choose one that you wouldn’t mind your boss (or mother) hearing.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Third Graders With Phones
A few years ago, our third-grader reported that a classmate had their own cell phone. This was followed by, “when can I get one?” Third graders are 8 years old. At that age, I wondered, is the cell phone a toy or is a communication device? Why would a child that age need their own phone? Hopefully the reason for it outweighed the very real possibilities of loss, theft, access to inappropriate content, additional usage fees and cyber-bullying.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: During Business Meetings
I recently counted, as I participated in a senior management team meeting, 7 of the other 8 people in the room either continually or sporadically checking messages and doing the “thumb dance” on their Blackberry. The President of the organization was in the room and was one of the seven! Obviously, holding effective meetings was not a priority that day.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: While Doing Other Things
This craziness could be the umbrella for all my ill feelings toward cell phone use. It is a psychological, medical and educational standard that it is difficult (if not impossible for some) to do more than one thing, and do it well, at any given time. Yet it has become common for users to talk, text and game play on their cell phones while grocery shopping and at checkout, while interacting with bank tellers, while participating in a team sport, while “watching” their children on the playground, etc., etc.

There may indeed come a time, as outlined in a recent MoneyTalksNews article on practices becoming passe, when simultaneous conversations allowed by cell phones and other digital devices will be completely acceptable. Still, I have often thought of saying out loud to a crazy cell phone offender, “Put down the *#%! cell phone!” If I ever do say it, they will probably call me the crazy one.