I have been traveling to Mexico for years, and I have always struggled to have a cellular phone that really works in Mexico. But, after some experiments I have finally found an American cell phone company that really works all throughout Mexico with no problems and nothing but good reception. In this article I will explain how good T-Mobile works in Mexico and how their coverage is respected.

Cell Phones in Mexico photo
Photo by Alaskan Dude

The T-Mobile phone I took into Mexico was under a Flex-Pay Contract and before I left I put like one-hundred dollars into my account to make sure I would not run out of air time and especially texts. As soon as I entered Mexico my phone was still under T-Mobile service, but ten miles into Mexico my service changed to Movistar, and I continued to receive texts and I was able to send texts also. Calls were also coming in very loud and clear without no problem.

At first I was shocked that my phone actually worked in Mexico, but I was even more shocked when I figured out my phone worked all throughout Mexico. As I was riding in my vehicle my signal was good even in remote locations. My trip took me all the way four hours before Mexico City, Mexico and my signal was good all the way there and all over Mexico. It was really great, because I was able to keep in touch with my family back in America and a lot of them thought I was not in Mexico because the signal was so good when I was in Mexico.

The only downside is that the texts take like ten more seconds longer to send while in Mexico, compared to five seconds in America. I would suggest my readers to get T-Mobile for traveling into Mexico, because the service is good and perfect. But, before you leave America be sure to have your T-Mobile troubleshooted to work in Mexico,.which only takes a call to the T-Mobile operator for like five minutes. I have always wanted to know how T-Mobile worked in Mexico and I experienced it first hand and I am living proof I did it. If any of my readers out there have ever used T-Mobile in Mexico I would suggest you to leave me comments below this article on how your phone worked in Mexico. Thank you for reading and thanks for the wonderful support and emails worldwide.