One of the most important reasons to get a VPN or Virtual Private Network is for torrenting or downloading files. With the use of Virtual Private Network, you can access live from various networks and countries that would otherwise be barren. For those who utilize links to download files with BitTorrent, having access to Virtual Private Network is very vital. By its nature, torrents need the application of many servers online; each shares a small part of a bigger life.

If you want to keep your privacy or personal information safe and sound while downloading torrent files, Mejores VPN para Navegar utilizing a Virtual Private Network is very vital. But, with lots of VPNs available for torrenting, which is one is the best. Keep on reading to know the best VPNs for torrenting available.

Best VPNs for torrenting: What Are They?


This is one of the best VPN for torrenting with many good reasons. First and foremost, it provides the whole thing you would look forward to a great virtual private network. These include impressive connection speeds, zero-logging policy, lots of servers all over the world, and essential security features such as Network Lock, DNS leak protection, and a whole lot more. This is user-friendly but doesn’t compromise on features and settings.

ExpressVPN also does not hold back on what a VPN is able to. The whole thing, from media streaming to P2P file sharing, is likely using this service provider. It’s zero-logging policy, support for P2P on all servers, and the fact that it is located in the British Virgin Island makes this one the best and most reliable one.


This service provider is all about offering the utmost security features possible. Your activities online stay private forto NordVPN zero-logging plan, DNS, and IP leak protection, as well as the most encryption protocols. What is more, you can take the benefit of specialty servers for Anti-DDoS and P2P. For the utmost security, you have the choice to allow Double VPN, which runs the whole thing via two servers.

Aside from being kill switch standard, this also comes with an App Kill Switch, which allows you to set specific apps to close once the connections drops instantly. This also recognizes once you are in an isolated place and load obfuscated servers. You can ask a dedicated IP service that will set you back extra cash a year.


Another popular VPN for torrenting is CyberGhost. It has a Windows app interface identical to what is in the Pure VPN, with diverse modes such as Torrent anonymously, browse anonymously as well as stream anonymously and a whole lot more.

It has a remarkable speed. The speed is more than enough to stream superior and high-quality videos on a website such as Netflix without experiencing lagging or buffering problems. This is one of the best choices for torrenting, and apart from Torrent anonymously section, the server clearly marks the list of the locations which enable for P2P file sharing.


This is a considered simple virtual private network to utilize with apps available for each key platform, and at the same time, it supports Chromebooks, Wi-Fi routers, and a whole lot more. The privacy and security features of this VPN for torrenting are fantastic, as well as beyond what a lot of competing services have to give.

IPVanish VPN is renowned for providing some of the fastest upload and download speeds, and normally its low latency makes it a perfect one for torrenting. The reliability and stability of the connection are remarkable and unmatched as well. IPVanish’s  location is in the US, which poses as an issue to many. On the other hand, due to its strict zero-logging policy, all these issues you may experience can be addressed.


As you can see, there are lots s choices available if you want to make use of Virtual Private Networks for torrenting files, with lots of services providing fast downloads, at the same time keeping the activities secure and private. There are other VPNs available for torrenting available, aside from those mentioned above. All you have to do is to do a research and review each one in order to know and determine which one is ideal for you.