Wh?t possible good c?n come from ? nine to thirteen ye?r old ?dolescent h?ving ? cell phone? With so m?ny child pred?tors out there these d?ys, giving your child ? cell phone is giving these people ?nother me?ns of cont?cting ?nd preying on innocent children. Or is it?

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Could ? cell phone in ? child’s h?nd help to prevent ? would be ?tt?cker from t?king ?dv?nt?ge of ? situ?tion? Think ?bout it. If your child h?d ? cell phone they would be ?ble to c?ll you or the police with the push of just one button. If it bec?me the norm for children ?t this vulner?ble ?ge to c?rry cell phones, then child pred?tors would think twice before going ?fter ?ny of them. They wouldn’t know who does or does not h?ve ? cell phone ?t the re?dy in c?se of ?n emergency.

But th?t wouldn’t stop them from getting the child’s cell phone number ?nd c?lling to him or her. Just like children in ch?t rooms, they would become victims without ever getting suspicious until it’s too l?te. Since ?nyone c?n use c?ller ID blocking there is no w?y of knowing who is c?lling your kid when you ?ren’t with them. Or is there ? w?y to control ?ll of this?

Wh?t if there w?s ? cell phone th?t your child could use to c?ll mom, d?d, or the police very quickly. Wh?t if you could control who your child could c?ll with their cell phone ?nd who w?s ?ble to c?ll them? If you could progr?m ? cell phone to only di?l numbers th?t you ?pproved first ?nd only ?ccepted incoming c?lls from numbers th?t you progr?mmed into it, would you consider h?ving your child c?rry this phone?

Think ?bout it. Bec?use of some fi?sco ?t work you re?lized th?t you were going to be ? little l?te picking up your son or d?ughter from pr?ctice, it would be ? lo?d off your child’s mind to know th?t you ?re on your w?y. If they ended up getting detention ?t school ?nd would be l?te getting out, wouldn’t it be nice to know before you h?d to w?it 30 minutes outside of the school worrying your he?d off ?bout where he or she is?

There is ? phone th?t is designed for ex?ctly this purpose. It is the FireFly. It h?s just six buttons. One for Mom, one for D?d, one for emergency services (with ?ccident?l c?ll prevention), two to scroll up ?nd down pre-progr?mmed numbers, ?nd ? c?ll st?rt/end button. Since this phone does not h?ve g?mes or text mess?ging you don’t h?ve to worry ?bout ?ll those extr? ch?rges getting ?dded to your phone bill. Simply progr?m the numbers for mom ?nd d?d into the phone, ?nd ?ny numbers th?t you ?pprove of into the c?lling/receiving list, ?nd tell them to h?ve it with them ?t ?ll times.

The FireFly is becoming ?v?il?ble for most c?rriers. Comp?re r?tes from different c?rriers to see which ones ?re ?v?il?ble in your ?re? ?nd find the best de?l. Invest in some pe?ce of mind for yourself ?nd ? le?rning experience for your child.