These days, cell phones are advancing on a monthly basis with new features, styles, and more. It isn’t uncommon for a person to own two or three phones in a single year because they want the most advanced cellular phone out there. So then, what do people do with all of their old phones? Many people choose to either sell their old cell phones or keep them in case their current one breaks. Obviously, some extra cash or an insurance phone work are both great ideas. There are plenty of other options for reusing an old cell phone though.

Cell Phone photo

All-in-one planner and alarm clock

Obviously, all phones now come with calendars, alarm clocks, and more. You can use all of these without service for the phone too. Most cell phone planners will allow you to place events each day at any time of day for any occasion. Basically, these planners are just like any other planner you’d find in a bookstore or on your computer – with a few less features than a computer-based planner. However, you can make an old cell phone with a planner your dedicated planner that can have audible reminders for events that you set. This works out a lot better than a written planner. Of course, the alarm clock function on cell phones are pretty useful for many things.

Fitness tracker

A lot of people use various tools to keep track of their exercise and fitness goals. Luckily, a cell phone that you aren’t using is the perfect tool to do just about everything. You can keep track of your calories burnt, fitness goals, daily activities, and more with a cell phone. Of course, you could purchase apps for the phones that do similar things before you cut service to the phone, which is a great idea. You can do without these applications on the cell phone though. Everything you need comes with a cell phone that has a planner, timer, stopwatch, and calendar. Obviously, you can use the stopwatch or timer on the phone while you actually work out or jog. The planner can be used to choose when you want to exercise. And then, a little note-keeping program on the phone can help you track goals and your progress toward them.

MP3 player

Most cell phones come with music players, so you can dedicate an old cell phone to exactly this purpose. Fortunately, this will allow you to have room for apps and other items on your current cell phone. Too many files on an everyday cell phone can cause the phone to slow down and glitch quite a lot. However, you won’t run into this problem if you’re using an old phone to store and listen to your music or videos. It doesn’t get much nicer than that. This is a great option for people who don’t want to go out and buy a Zune, iPod, or other MP3/video player.

A handheld Microsoft Office

Currently, there are Microsoft Office and other compatible word processors that can be downloaded to cell phones. You can turn your old cell phone into a Microsoft Office suite. Of course, you’ll only be getting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These programs will come with basic functionality, so you might need to do some touch-up work when you download the file to your computer. However, this is extremely useful to use these programs on a cell phone that is easier to carry around than a laptop computer. Files can quickly and easily be transferred to a computer and they will look as if you had created the files on that computer.

A camera and video recorder

Well, our last upcycling idea involves using an old cell phone as a camera and a video recorder. You can take pictures or film events with ease on any cell phone these days. Luckily, many phones are being made with powerful cameras that produce high quality videos and pictures. You won’t be taking professional photos with your old cell phone, but you can take ones that look good enough to post online or frame. The same goes for videos. Obviously, this is a great alternative for people who can’t afford a fancy camera. You could use your current phone’s camera, but hey, you could also dedicate an old cell phone to picture taking. There will be more room on the phone for pictures and it won’t slow down your everyday phone.

Wrapping it up

Many of these ideas can be used on your current cell phone, but it’s a better idea to have a dedicated device to these various tasks. Honestly, you don’t want to mix your fitness planner with a phone that can go on Facebook and video chat because you’ll completely forget about the fitness planner. Anyways, dedicating an old cell phone to a task is a smart idea because phones are so high-tech these days that they can do plenty of things even after you get a brand new phone.