HTC HD2 Touchscreen Phone to Debut in the United States Early

HTC Corporation has been making some noise recently in the smartphone market. In a market that is dominated primarily by the iPhone, Android based phones, and the recently released Google Nexus One, HTC has developed an impressive lineup of smartphones across the major carriers to compete with the "big guns." Originally rumored to be only available in Europe, HTC has officially announced the HTC HD2 touchscreen phone will be available in the United States, and will be exclusively available to T-Mobile customers.

The HTC HD2 will be great addition to the smartphone market and will give customers a capable product if they don't want to purchase an iPhone or go into commitments with other carriers. Some of the technical specifications of the HTC HD2 include:

 The first spec that stands out from the HTC HD2 is the display. Boasting a vibrant 4.74 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen, the HTC HD2's display is sure to get your attention. Watching videos and browsing photos on the large display makes the HD2 a great choice if you prefer a bigger screen for your phone.

Operating System 
 While most smartphones in today's market are running the Android operating system, or adapting to the Android operating system, the HD2 will be using a customized version of the Windows 6.5 Professional operating system.

 The HD2 has a 1Ghz snapdragon processor, giving it ample processing power to rip through any tasks you throw at it.

 The HD2 has a 5-megapixel auto focus camera for your video and photo needs.

 Whether you prefer 3G or Wifi, the HTC HD2 has you covered. The HD2 also has the Opera Mobile web browser for internet web browsing.

 The HD2 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery capable of delivering 320-380 minutes of talk time and 390-490 hours of standby time. If you are watching videos, you can expect 8 hours of battery life. If you are listening to audio, you can expect 12 hours of battery life.

 Since the HD2 is running the Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Media Player is the default media application and is capable of playing a wide array of audio and video formats. You can also listen to FM radio on your HTC HD2.

 Other specs include: Bluetooth, 512 MB ROM, 448 MB RAM, Expandable SD Slot, 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, standard micro-usb, and GPS.

Aside from the hardware, the HTC HD2 does a great job of making your phone personal. All the elements on the home screen are customizable and the HD2 has built-in integration Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While the HD2 is primarily a touch sensitive device, there are physical buttons on the phone, including Talk/Send, Home, Start, Back, and End/Power. The HTC HD2 is ideal for the consumer looking for a beautiful, sleek phone capable of competing with the iPhone or Android based devices. Look for the HTC HD2 touchscreen phone to make a big splash when it hits T-Mobile in the United States early this year.


Crazy Cell Phone Use

Types of cell phone users

The ten types of crazy Cell phone users who will drive use Nuts 😛

Geplaatst door GaaliSeenu op Zaterdag 13 februari 2016

It is a sign of the times. Most everyone owns and uses a cell phone. It is their connection to work, friends, appointments and the rest of the world. Those that love and depend upon their hand-held devices so much that they are lost without them, cause the rest of us to fume. My husband has had as many as three cell phones at one time. He is now down to two and brings at least one of those to bed. I could include this habit as one of the cell phone uses that drives me crazy, but enough said.

Crazy Cell Phone photo
Photo by austinhumphreys

I operate within the small, dwindling segment of the population that owns a cell phone and considers it a necessary evil. It is a growing sentiment as I increasingly observe what I consider crazy cell phone use.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: While Driving
The nicest thing that can be said about a driver that allows their attention to be taken by talking, texting or otherwise using one or both of their hands to operate a cell phone —
hands that should be firmly on the steering wheel — while hurtling 60 miles an hour in a
4,000 pound piece of equipment is, well, not something I care to type. The practice has
led states and municipalities to make cell phone use while driving illegal.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: During Meals
Call me old-fashioned or overly polite, but I think that talking or texting on a cell phone during a meal is just plain rude. That includes dining in a restaurant or eating pizza at home with the kids.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Forgetting To Turn Off Phones…
…in movies, during private conversations and meetings or during weddings — any event that is meant to be uninterrupted. United Artist cinemas have a great clip running between the previews and the featured film that dubs a conversation about a pet’s visit to the Vet (“she barfed…I helped clean it up”) over a tense love scene. It makes the point pretty well.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Making The Cell Phone The First Priority
A vendor I met with, someone who was trying to make a sale to me, answered his phone about
four times during our meeting. He didn’t ask if I would mind nor did he excuse himself. He simply stopped talking (or listening) to answer his cell phone. As soon as politely possible, I excused myself from the conversation and did not buy what he was selling.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Wild Or Strange Ring/Reminder Tones
Why is the phone with the “I like ’em chunky” song from the Madagascar movie always set on the loudest volume? There are so many options for cell phone ringers and sounds. Choose one that you wouldn’t mind your boss (or mother) hearing.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: Third Graders With Phones
A few years ago, our third-grader reported that a classmate had their own cell phone. This was followed by, “when can I get one?” Third graders are 8 years old. At that age, I wondered, is the cell phone a toy or is a communication device? Why would a child that age need their own phone? Hopefully the reason for it outweighed the very real possibilities of loss, theft, access to inappropriate content, additional usage fees and cyber-bullying.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: During Business Meetings
I recently counted, as I participated in a senior management team meeting, 7 of the other 8 people in the room either continually or sporadically checking messages and doing the “thumb dance” on their Blackberry. The President of the organization was in the room and was one of the seven! Obviously, holding effective meetings was not a priority that day.

Crazy Cell Phone Use: While Doing Other Things
This craziness could be the umbrella for all my ill feelings toward cell phone use. It is a psychological, medical and educational standard that it is difficult (if not impossible for some) to do more than one thing, and do it well, at any given time. Yet it has become common for users to talk, text and game play on their cell phones while grocery shopping and at checkout, while interacting with bank tellers, while participating in a team sport, while “watching” their children on the playground, etc., etc.

There may indeed come a time, as outlined in a recent MoneyTalksNews article on practices becoming passe, when simultaneous conversations allowed by cell phones and other digital devices will be completely acceptable. Still, I have often thought of saying out loud to a crazy cell phone offender, “Put down the *#%! cell phone!” If I ever do say it, they will probably call me the crazy one.


Alleged Vivica A. Fox Cell Phone Sex Tape Supposedly Leaked

Celebrity sex tapes have become an ongoing trend these days, especially among hot and upcoming stars. Vivica A. Fox was no exception, as her own sex tape was supposedly leaked this past week.

Cell Phone photo

According to numerous sources, the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Kill Bill Vol. 1 was caught on tape performing oral sex on an unidentified Atlanta man while on her knees. Supposedly Fox was also extremely drunk at the time of the act. The man reportedly was secretly videotaping Fox on his camera phone. After the sex act, the man then sent out the video to all his friends, who in return sent the video to Fox.

The 43-year-old actress was reportedly appalled by the video and immediately sent it to a friend who worked in the Atlanta Police Department. Right now, it isn’t known whether she has filed a formal complaint with the local police department or whether the Atlanta Police Department is investigating the matter.

What should be noted is that it was just back on December 5, 2007 that Fox was booked for DUI charges that occurred earlier in the year.

Fox also isn’t the first celebrity to have a scandalous sex tape leaked. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Colin Farrell are just examples of celebrities who have made their sex scandal debuts via the Internet.

Paris Hilton’s tape may be the most famous of all. She was just 19 years old when she and her then boyfriend, 35-year-old Rick Salomon, recorded a sex tape, which would become the best pornographic seller “1 Night in Paris.”

Kim Kardashian, a Hollywood socialite, was additionally caught on tape having sex with Ray J, the rapper-actor brother of Brandy. Kardashian, like Paris Hilton, took legal action against the distribution of the video. However, Paris’ still currently remains in DVD circulation, while Kim’s can still be found on random web sites.

Finally, Colin Farrell, another Hollywood star, had his and Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain’s 13-minute sex taped leaked on the Internet. Farrell worked hard to stop the circulation of the video, but in 2006, the video began circulating online instead.

Sources: “News Alleged Fox Sex Tape Surfaces.” “Vivica Fox in Rumored Sex Tape.” “Celebrity Sex Tape.”


How to Create a Rhinestone Cell Phone

Having a rhinestone cell phone is a great way to show your personality and style. It makes sense when you think about it-you probably take care to choose outfits that reflect your style, and your home's decorations probably are a reflection of yourself as well. So, if you use your cell phone all the time, why not have a glitzy rhinestone phone? Making a rhinestone cell phone is also a fun project that allows you to use your creativity to the max! This rhinestone phone project works best with flip-top phones, because the top portion can be used as a "canvas" of sorts with less risk of ruining the screen or buttons.


E6000 glue

Medical syringe



First you need to choose the rhinestone sizes and colors you want for your rhinestone phone. Some people like to cover the entire cell phone in rhinestones, and others simply use a few as accents. If you plan to cover every surface of your rhinestone cell phone, you'll need to determine the measurements of both the phone and the rhinestones you want to use. Use a ruler or tape measure to find the length and width of your phone, and then multiply to get the surface area. For example, my cell phone is about 1.5 X 3 inches, or 4.5 square inches, so I'll need to get as close to covering 4.5 inches on my rhinestone cell phone as possible.

You may need to convert your rhinestone cell phone measurement to millimeters-there are about 25 millimeters in an inch, so just multiply the measurements by 25. So, my cell phone is 112.5 square millimeters.

Now, decide the size of rhinestones you want for your rhinestone phone, and how many you need based on the size of the rhinestones and the size of your cell phone. I suggest 7SS rhinestones, which are small enough to fit together without having too many empty holes, but large enough that you can work with them easily. 7SS rhinestones cover a surface area of 3.8 square millimeters. To determine the number of 7SS rhinestones I need, I just divide the area of my cell phone by the area of one of the rhinestones. 112.5/3.8=29.6, and if I round up (which you should do) I will find that I need 30 rhinestones. You should add between 5 and 10 rhinestones to this count in case you make mistakes.

Now that all the math work is done, buy the rhinestones in whichever color you prefer! Some rhinestone phones are monochromatic and others use a variety of colors.

Next, it is finally time to create your rhinestone cell phone. Begin by putting the E6000 glue into a medical syringe. I like to put E6000 into a syringe because it eliminates the sticky mess that E6000 tends to cause. Using a syringe will help you to only use a small amount of E6000 (which is all you need) and will keep it from smearing all over your cell phone.

Put a dot of E6000 wherever you want to put rhinestones down. Don't use too much glue-a little will work more than enough, and you don't want E6000 glue smears all over your rhinestone cell phone. Use a tweezers to pick up the rhinestones and place them over the E6000 glue dots.

Allow your rhinestone phone to dry for at least 24 hours before using it. I know, it's hard to not touch your rhinestone cell phone for so long, but the results will be worth it!


Thrilled with My New Cell Phone, The Motorola V3 & Cingular Phone Plan

Motorola phone photo
Photo by edkohler

I am not a “got to have the newest techie toy on the market” type of person. This is why I was astounded by the fact that I am absolutely thrilled with my new cell phone and Cingular plan. Here is how it all started. My husband and I were nearing the end of our 2 year contract and we were keeping our phones alive with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation each day (not really, but that is what it felt like). I called Cingular to find out when the earliest was we could go in to get new phones. They told me April 1st which must have been a fool’s day joke because I came in and they gave me a new date a little later. This AGAIN must have been a fool’s day joke (on April fools) because they said the actual date I would need to come in to get both phones on my plan free was April 15th. I came in, and they offered up free phones with a deposit and a rebate. We bought LG400 Camera/video phones. We really wanted camera & video phones to take photos of our baby. Well, I found out that taking photos & videos of my baby were a lot of fun. I can e-mail them to whomever I like, and send them to my mother-in-laws cell phone. She lives 5 hours away and really misses having our baby girl nearby. The only problem we incurred with the LG400 flip phones was that within a week, I had taken over 20 video and who knows how many photos & my memory was already full. I again went into Cingular. I told them I needed more memory. They informed me that the phone came with a very small amount of memory and it was note upgradable. Not upgradable?! Well, I knew I needed a phone with upgradable video & memory. They showed me the V3 motorola phone. Not only does it have upgradable memory (up to 2GBs!) but it also has a better digital camera on it. In order to qualify for the rebate on the phone, I needed to sign up for the media max plan ($19.99 a month – the other phone required a $9.99 per month plan). I didn’t mind, because I was texting a lot of video to my mother-in-law, e-mail box & husband so I knew that the extra $10 a month would pay off.

Motorola phone photo
Photo by edkohler


So we signed up for the new package and it also included unlimited internet. I had no idea how much I would like the unlimited internet package. (We don’t have internet at home because we only use cell phones – no landline- and we can’t afford $50 extra a month for wireless internet. There is only one provider in our area.) Now, I can browse the web anywhere I am at. I love it! My friend recently called me with a question I knew I could look up on the internet (she wanted to know the zip code of Mt. Morris). I told her I would look it up on the internet & call her back. When I told her I wasn’t home she was surprised. I looked it up 7 called her back. Before I used to think up questions I wanted to look up on the internet and then by the time I had access, I forgot my question. Now, I can look it up anytime, anywhere. This relieves a lot of anxiety. I no longer worry about forgetting & my history on my phone informs me where I have been.
I can also look up personal and private questions that I might not want someone looking over my shoulder reading. There is a safe mode you can click on the browser so I don’t have to worry about bad stuff like porn.

I can also add bookmarks. I simply downloaded a little Opera mini browser on my cell phone (for free) by searching for “Opera mini” on the browser that came with the phone. I also downloaded a little gmail application on my phone & I can check my gmail account wherever I go.

This phone and the abilities it has given me: looking up information anywhere, taking photo and video of my baby girl without her (turning on – like smiling or acting silly because she knows she is being recorded), sending my mother-in-law photos and video of her grandchild so she can watch her grow and much, much more, have been a positive addition to my life. As of this moment, I love you Cingular & Motorola. Of Course, to my husband, “I love you MORE!”

I purchased my unit at Walmart for $65.00, and it was well worth it. Otherwise I was replacing an answering machine every summer. And yes I did use a surge protector. But they don’t always work.

I have only had to replace the battery once in 3 years.

All in all I would say I got a deal when I purchased this phone and answering system. It has payed for itself many times over. I also like that I can retrieve messages from the phone not just the answering machine, I have memory for up to 10 phone numbers, which for me is plenty. I can also just hit the arrow and retrieve any phone number that has called and hit redial. It is very convenient for us as we never know what section of the house we will be in or how far away from the house we will be. I have been able to reach between 100 – 150 yards before starting to have some static. But, that is because we live on high ground and there not a lot of trees right around us.

So if you are looking for a good answering machine, that is clear as a bell, and a good cordless phone. Then the GE 26998 Cordless Phone is for you. Best investment I ever made.


How to Choose a Cordless Telephone

A cordless phone is totally different from a cell phone. Some old timers think that these two electronic marvels are one in the same. The truth is that both a cordless telephone and cell phone are both communication tools; there are some differences that are important to consider.

Cordless Telephone photo

A cordless telephone is an essential appliance in almost any home. The ease of use and the freedom to move around make a cordless phone a must have in our multi-tasking environment. How else could Mom cook dinner, clean the refrigerator and wash clothes while talking to “Nana” if it were not for a cordless telephone?

The cordless phone is an essential component in most households. The cordless telephone is much more reliable than most cell phones. Most households have cell phones for each family member but they also have cordless telephones with a separate number.

Essentially a cordless telephone is a combination of a telephone system integrated with a radio transmitter. Cordless telephones are really marvels of state of the art technology.

Although cordless phones are convenient and reasonably prices, they are not used in most business environments. The major issue that prevents many businesses from using cordless telephones is the problem with security.

Many businesses are very concerned with security breaches. Companies must be able to maintain customer privacy, the integrity of their products and services. Business must protect their ideas and process to insure business continuity. Since business information is highly sensitive, cordless telephones were not an option.

Because the transmission from the cordless telephone system goes out over the open airways, other devices can intercept the transmission. Some common electronic devices are able to interfere with the signals. Some of these devices that can pick up the signals are other cordless telephones, radio scanners and even baby monitors.

But for many homes, a cordless phone is an essential accessory. Cordless telephones just make life more convenient. There are some major features that are important in a cordless telephone. The major considerations include distance, range, sound quality and frequency.

Unlike a cellular phone, a cordless telephone has a limited range. This range is a pre-determined distance that the headset can be from the base and continue to operate properly. In most cases, few houses are so large that there is a problem.

The basic components of a cordless telephone are the base and the handset. The handset is of course the part that actually operates like all other telephone headsets. However with a cordless phone the handset is also a receiver.

The handset gets a radio signal from the base. The cordless telephone base and handset are configured so that you can talk and listen at the same time. This technology is called duplex frequency.

The highest frequencies available for cordless phones are 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz. A cordless telephone with this frequency level provides the ability to use the phone at a longer distance from the base but with greater security.

Another important consideration is to determine whether you want an analog or a digital cordless telephone. Digital technology delivers better sound quality. Digital signals are also more secure than analog signals.

The number of channels that a cordless phone has is also important to the overall efficiency and clarity of the system. If the frequency band selected is in the higher GHz range of 2.4GHz 5.8 GHz; your phone has more channels to select to provide better sound quality.

The number of channels on the least expensive models of cordless telephone starts at 10-25 channels all the way to 50-100 channels at the high end of the models that have 900MHz to 2.4/5.8 GHz.

The 5.8GHz cordless phones are the fifth generation iteration of the cordless phone technology. These telephones are allocated the highest channels and thus frequencies are 5.725Ghz and 5.850Ghz. Some of the 5.8GHz model cordless phones use the 5.8Ghz frequencies just for the communication between the base and the handset. These 5th generation telephones still use the 2.4 GHz frequencies for the handset to base transmission. The 5.8GHz cordless phone frequencies are shared with 801.a wireless networks.

This 5th generation technology uses the split-frequency technique. Split frequency improves security and clarity. This technology also preserves the battery life on the cordless phone handset. The largest use of power involves the transmission at the higher 5.8GHz frequency than at the lower 2.4Ghz frequency.

When you go to the electronics store to purchase your next cordless telephone you will be an informed cordless telephone consumer. You can compare prices based on the features that you need in a cordless telephone. You will know why you can choose high security for your cordless telephone you must get the higher frequency models plus the phone must be digital rather than analog. If you are not concerned with eavesdropping or the telephone is for the kids you can select a lower GHz with fewer channels and a lower price tag.


Comcast Digital Voice Vs. Verizon Phone Service

Verizon is, for lack of a better term, “your father’s Oldsmobile.” Around for decades in various incarnations and identities, Verizon is the good old reliable standby. The traditional service, simply plug a phone into the nearest jack and voila: we have contact.

Comcast  photo
Photo by JeepersMedia

Comcast Digital Voice, on the other hand, is part of the new school. Using next generation technology, Comcast Digital Voice allows the customer to bypass many of the usual aspects of phone service, including toll calling and other fees. Due to the fact that the service is administered through the Internet, it potentially allows Comcast to offer more features for less.

The keyword is potentially. Unfortunately, Comcast Digital Voice is not nearly the price break it should be, especially when you considered that Comcast offers their own high-speed Internet service product. Unlike some of their broadband phone competition, they can keep everything “in house,” which would theoretically allow for some discounts. To be fair, Comcast does offer some introductory specials for Comcast Digital Voice, but they always come with a time limit, at which point the service then jumps back up to its usual $39.95, which is the same price that Verizon charges for their free long distance phone service. Granted, Comcast Digital Voice has more features than Verizon offers at that same price, but Verizon has an edge in service that more than makes up for any additional cost.

As far as the product was concerned, Verizon was always fairly reliable. One would always know what to expect. By contrast, Comcast Digital Voice was discouragingly inconsistent. Often, calls were either dropped or flat out missed completely. And at times when the connection actually help up, sometimes we had to deal with a loud crackling sound, as if you could hear something being electrocuted. A particularly frustrating experience was often exacerbated by the inferior service Comcast offered.

Now, to be fair, at the time Comcast Digital Voice was a new service for both them and us. More than a few times I was asked to be patient as they continued to try working out whatever issues and problems popped up. The first couple times, I was willing to be nice. However, when the same issue keeps coming up and coming up repeatedly within the span of a few months, patience can easily be exhausted. What made matters worse is that any tech they sent out seemed either unsure of the issue or would provide simply a band-aid solution for that particular problem, which never really resolved anything. Of course, it was only a matter of time before whatever issue I had contacted them about would rear its ugly head again.

Of course, none of the above issues actually deals with the one dilemma when using a broadband Internet phone service. Namely, if you lose your Internet connection in any way, whether via power outage, a modem problem, or any type of issue that causes you to lose service, you will unfortunately lose your phone service as well. Now, this is not an issue that is unique in any way to Comcast Digital Voice. Indeed, each broadband phone service provider I have had has dealt with that issue. However, when you combine that fact with the various issues listed above, one can easily say that Verizon offers better value for slightly more cost.

The only issues I have had with Verizon is in dealing with their customer service representatives. Sometimes, I get lucky and get someone knowledgeable, fast and effective. But at other times, I get someone who is chomping at the bit to get off the phone for whatever reason, whether that is lunch or break or end of day, whatever. I have worked in customer service before, so I do have some sympathy, but that only stretches so much. It was one of the reasons I am constantly looking to upgrade my phone service. I would be willing to say that Comcast Digital Voice service representatives were more service-oriented than Verizon’s, yet the effectiveness of the Comcast Digital Voice reps was limited by their lack of knowledge of their product.

All that being said, I would still prefer Verizon’s phone service to Comcast Digital Voice. When Comcast’s only advantage is Verizon’s relatively poor customer service, well, that is not enough to make up the difference in quality. I would much rather deal with bad customer service with reliable phone service then constantly need to speak with friendly representatives on a cell phone because the Digital Voice service is hiccupping again. Sometimes, the old way is the best way.


Cingular Phones Fry Electronic Equipment

Justin Callaway is so upset with Cingular Wireless, "now the new AT & T," that he made a website, Feeling Cingular, to spoof the company. He has also created a music video about his experience with hope that consumers will learn a little more about Cingular's products and their downfalls.

The problem began last summer when one of Justin's computer speakers blew up after playing back a sound emitted from his Cingular phone. Justin was unaware that the Cingular system causes certain phones to give off a radio frequency signal just before they ring. His cell phone was placed near his computer while he worked on a client's video. The system recorded the sound emitted from the phone just before it rang. When he played back the video at a loud setting, the signal caused the speaker to explode. The company has not told consumers about this, and some are angry about the secret.

Justin, a student at the New School in Media Studies, began to investigate the problem after he talked with other Cingular users, and employees, who experienced the same trouble. He used his skills as a video editor to create a radio documentary about the experience for a course project. A video, part of the project, now appears on his website to bring to light a problem that few cellular providers using GSM admit to having.

After seeking help from several Cingular retails stores, Justin called the toll-free customer service line. The representatives acknowledged his experience, but they would not replace the speaker. One manager blamed Justin for the incident stating that the speaker's volume was too high. Once he discovered that Cingular had no plans to fix the problem, he asked to be released from his contract. Cingular refused his request.

The incident that Justin, and others, experienced is not uncommon to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) users. Most phones, especially older ones, emit a signal when they are about to receive a call. Any electronic device near the phone can pick it up, especially ones with poor RF shields. The interference causes an annoying buzz to be transmitted through the device's speaker(s). Consumers have reported the sound coming from units that were powered off. Some phones buzz even when a call is not coming through. Industry experts say this happens because networks routinely send out signals to check if phones are on, even if they are not in use.

The signals are one of the reasons that most hospitals have banned cell phone use while in the building. Older phones are known to interfere with life-saving equipment, such as heart monitors and ventilators. Until now, little has been mentioned about the effects on consumer products.

This problem does not affect competitors who use the CDMA, or Code Division Multiple Access, transmissions. The difference is that CDMA phones always have the transmitter on, where the GSM phone use an "on/off" sequence. Since CDMA phones do not pulse, the buzzing is not an issue.

Some customers remain loyal to their chosen providers. Others are so annoyed by the sound that they changed to networks like Verizon and Sprint. Those who switched are happy with the silence. Justin Callaway is one of them.


Live Phone Psychic – Get Connected in Better and Uninterrupted Way

Psychics play a very important role in helping people make use of their potential and take right decisions in life. Many people have observed that they perform better and reach heights once they consult their psychics. Today, people do not have time to go to the psychics and then get a face to face reading. Most of the people opt for live phone psychic reading because in this way they get the satisfaction of hearing the voice of the psychic and the psychic also finds it easy to read the energy.

Live Phone photo
Photo by bluesbby

Speaking to the psychic over the phone is one of the best options in the present day world. This is because you can talk to your psychic when you are free and in privacy or when you are in urgency. In both the situations you get connected to your psychic almost immediately and get your problem solved within minutes. If it is your first time, you will have to provide your basic information to the psychic and then ask your questions one by one. To get an accurate reading you should be clear when asking your questions and you should remain calm and relaxed so that the psychic gets connected to you in a better and uninterrupted way.

The best way to find a genuine live phone psychic is to search them with the help of internet. Read the terms and conditions that are mentioned on the websites and then compare them. Also find and read the reviews so that you are sure about the authenticity of the website. Feedbacks of the customers also give an idea about the website and the psychic over there.

Once you have found the psychic and you believe in the service he is going to provide, note down your questions. Take few deep breathing and get relaxed. Once you are prepared for the live phone psychic reading, give your initial information and then ask your questions clearly. Receiving an accurate rereading is also in your hand because if you are nervous while calling or you do not place your questions properly and clearly, your results may be different and not correct.


Embarq Home Phone Service

I have been an Embarq customer for about seven months now. When I moved to Mansfield I was a little annoyed to find out that Verizon was not an option for home phone service. I had my choice between Embarq phone service and Time Warner digital phone service. I decided to go with Embarq because I got a great deal on a bundle that included home phone service with unlimited long distance service, high speed internet access and free television service through Dish Network for one year.

Home Phone Service photo
Photo by Grand Canyon NPS

Embarq is affordable when compared to other home phone services. I love that I can literally talk on the phone to anyone, anywhere for as long as I want without my bill being a penny higher. I pay an extra $15 each month for this service. It saves me so much money I have completely ditched my cell phone.

When my phone service was established Embarq had to come to my house and run a new phone line, the technician who arrived at my home was helpful, friendly and fast. He had ran a new phone line within minutes. He offered to add additional phone jacks through out the house, but as we were in the process of unpacking I declined the offer and settled for only one phone jack.

My only complaint with Embarq is not directly their fault, but around Thanksgiving my bill was 2 days late arriving at their payment office, through no fault of my own and my Dish Network service was suspended. I was quite annoyed with this, and for some reason, although my Dish Network service is free for a year they are quick to suspend service even if your bill is only a day or two late.

Embarq provides better service than I ever received as a Verizon customer. They offer a large variety of services at more affordable rates in my opinion. I will continue to rely on Embarq telephone service as long as I live in an area where Embarq is available. I love that I have a home phone even if the electricity is out, and that is the main reason I went with Embarq over Time Warner.

If Embarq is offered in your area, I would recommend that you look into their service. I am a hard to please customer at times, and I have been thrilled with the great service and affordable bundle packages Embarq offers.