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Cingular Phones Fry Electronic Equipment

Justin Callaway is so upset with Cingular Wireless, "now the new AT & T," that he made a website, Feeling Cingular, to spoof the company. He has also created a music video about his experience with hope that consumers will learn a little more about Cingular's products and their downfalls.

The problem began last summer when one of Justin's computer speakers blew up after playing back a sound emitted from his Cingular phone. Justin was unaware that the Cingular system causes certain phones to give off a radio frequency signal just before they ring. His cell phone was placed near his computer while he worked on a client's video. The system recorded the sound emitted from the phone just before it rang. When he played back the video at a loud setting, the signal caused the speaker to explode. The company has not told consumers about this, and some are angry about the secret.

Justin, a student at the New School in Media Studies, began to investigate the problem after he talked with other Cingular users, and employees, who experienced the same trouble. He used his skills as a video editor to create a radio documentary about the experience for a course project. A video, part of the project, now appears on his website to bring to light a problem that few cellular providers using GSM admit to having.

After seeking help from several Cingular retails stores, Justin called the toll-free customer service line. The representatives acknowledged his experience, but they would not replace the speaker. One manager blamed Justin for the incident stating that the speaker's volume was too high. Once he discovered that Cingular had no plans to fix the problem, he asked to be released from his contract. Cingular refused his request.

The incident that Justin, and others, experienced is not uncommon to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) users. Most phones, especially older ones, emit a signal when they are about to receive a call. Any electronic device near the phone can pick it up, especially ones with poor RF shields. The interference causes an annoying buzz to be transmitted through the device's speaker(s). Consumers have reported the sound coming from units that were powered off. Some phones buzz even when a call is not coming through. Industry experts say this happens because networks routinely send out signals to check if phones are on, even if they are not in use.

The signals are one of the reasons that most hospitals have banned cell phone use while in the building. Older phones are known to interfere with life-saving equipment, such as heart monitors and ventilators. Until now, little has been mentioned about the effects on consumer products.

This problem does not affect competitors who use the CDMA, or Code Division Multiple Access, transmissions. The difference is that CDMA phones always have the transmitter on, where the GSM phone use an "on/off" sequence. Since CDMA phones do not pulse, the buzzing is not an issue.

Some customers remain loyal to their chosen providers. Others are so annoyed by the sound that they changed to networks like Verizon and Sprint. Those who switched are happy with the silence. Justin Callaway is one of them.


Live Phone Psychic – Get Connected in Better and Uninterrupted Way

Psychics play a very important role in helping people make use of their potential and take right decisions in life. Many people have observed that they perform better and reach heights once they consult their psychics. Today, people do not have time to go to the psychics and then get a face to face reading. Most of the people opt for live phone psychic reading because in this way they get the satisfaction of hearing the voice of the psychic and the psychic also finds it easy to read the energy.

Live Phone photo
Photo by bluesbby

Speaking to the psychic over the phone is one of the best options in the present day world. This is because you can talk to your psychic when you are free and in privacy or when you are in urgency. In both the situations you get connected to your psychic almost immediately and get your problem solved within minutes. If it is your first time, you will have to provide your basic information to the psychic and then ask your questions one by one. To get an accurate reading you should be clear when asking your questions and you should remain calm and relaxed so that the psychic gets connected to you in a better and uninterrupted way.

The best way to find a genuine live phone psychic is to search them with the help of internet. Read the terms and conditions that are mentioned on the websites and then compare them. Also find and read the reviews so that you are sure about the authenticity of the website. Feedbacks of the customers also give an idea about the website and the psychic over there.

Once you have found the psychic and you believe in the service he is going to provide, note down your questions. Take few deep breathing and get relaxed. Once you are prepared for the live phone psychic reading, give your initial information and then ask your questions clearly. Receiving an accurate rereading is also in your hand because if you are nervous while calling or you do not place your questions properly and clearly, your results may be different and not correct.


Embarq Home Phone Service

I have been an Embarq customer for about seven months now. When I moved to Mansfield I was a little annoyed to find out that Verizon was not an option for home phone service. I had my choice between Embarq phone service and Time Warner digital phone service. I decided to go with Embarq because I got a great deal on a bundle that included home phone service with unlimited long distance service, high speed internet access and free television service through Dish Network for one year.

Home Phone Service photo
Photo by Grand Canyon NPS

Embarq is affordable when compared to other home phone services. I love that I can literally talk on the phone to anyone, anywhere for as long as I want without my bill being a penny higher. I pay an extra $15 each month for this service. It saves me so much money I have completely ditched my cell phone.

When my phone service was established Embarq had to come to my house and run a new phone line, the technician who arrived at my home was helpful, friendly and fast. He had ran a new phone line within minutes. He offered to add additional phone jacks through out the house, but as we were in the process of unpacking I declined the offer and settled for only one phone jack.

My only complaint with Embarq is not directly their fault, but around Thanksgiving my bill was 2 days late arriving at their payment office, through no fault of my own and my Dish Network service was suspended. I was quite annoyed with this, and for some reason, although my Dish Network service is free for a year they are quick to suspend service even if your bill is only a day or two late.

Embarq provides better service than I ever received as a Verizon customer. They offer a large variety of services at more affordable rates in my opinion. I will continue to rely on Embarq telephone service as long as I live in an area where Embarq is available. I love that I have a home phone even if the electricity is out, and that is the main reason I went with Embarq over Time Warner.

If Embarq is offered in your area, I would recommend that you look into their service. I am a hard to please customer at times, and I have been thrilled with the great service and affordable bundle packages Embarq offers.


Review of LG VENUS Phone

After over five years of use, my old LG phone finally kicked the bucket. After analyzing the wide range of cellular phones available through Verizon Wireless, from the Chocolate™ to the Juke to the Pearl™, I finally settled on the new VENUS™ by LG. So far, I have been pleased with my purchase.

LG Phone photo
Photo by mastermaq

Retailing at around $200 to $250 with a Verizon Wireless two-year contract, the VENUS™ offers both fun and function, all in a compact, stylish package. This 4 x 2 x 0.62-inch Bluetooth®-capable slider phone is available in fuschia pink or black, and its surface has a large, interactive touch screen for navigating between its various menus and tools. Initially, I was a little concerned about the durability of the touch screen, but it appears to be holding up quite well. I did purchase a clear plastic cover to protect the phone, which I recommend, and will probably be adding a screen protector soon.

The VENUS™ includes standard features such as a calendar, notepad, calculator, alarm clock, tip calculator, speakerphone, speed dialing, and voice commands, in addition to extras like a music player, a camera, and microSD™ removable memory. The phone’s sound quality is impeccable; when I’m speaking to my husband on it, he sounds as though he is standing right next to me.

The phone’s 2.0-megapixel camera is easy to use for capturing both photo and video. The design of the camera menus makes it easy to move from snapping a photo to sending it via picture or video message.

My favorite feature of the VENUS™ is its music player, which is very user-friendly. Many other phone models only allow the user to listen to music files purchased directly from V CAST, which wasn’t appealing to me, since I already have a number of music files on my PC. With the software that accompanies the VENUS™, however, I can easily transfer music files between my computer and phone and can even organize the songs into playlists. At the moment, I only have about a dozen music files stored in the phone, but as soon as I purchase a high-capacity memory card, I plan to transfer many more. I purchased a wired headphone setup for the VENUS™, and I jog with the phone strapped into an armband. It works flawlessly. I really appreciate not having to carry both a phone and an MP3 player individually, since my single VENUS™ serves both purposes.

In short, while the VENUS™ is rather expensive, it offers just about everything that today’s basic mobile phone user could want, with its best feature probably being its music player. Those who are in the mood to splurge should definitely check it out.


HTC TOUCH PHONE – Affordable Smart Phone with Excellent Battery Back Up and Loads of Applications

The HTC Touch Phone looks good, is stylish, elegant and extremely comfortable to hold. However, no attempts have been made to change its appearance. The HTC Touch comes with the same black, shiny exterior. The user interface of this model has been updated and is similar to the one seen in Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

Photo by Asim Bijarani

The 2.8-inch TIT touch sensitive screen dominates the front panel. Below the screen is the D-pad with calling keys on either side. The back panel has the camera and the loudspeaker. The power key on top of the phone is also used for locking and unlocking the device. The bottom panel has the USB-cum-charger slot, while the left panel has the volume keys.

Experiencethe Touch

The HTC Touch comes with the new TouchFLO 3D and supports finger swipe technology. The finger touch feature is very responsive. However, the screen is inset and the grooves are deep. Hence, a lot of dust gets accumulated around it. This also makes accessing the sides of the screen with the thumb a little difficult. The device supports the handwriting recognition feature for writing messages and e-mails. This feature works better than expected. The phone also has a compact QWERTY keypad.

Lot to Choose From

The HTC Touch is loaded with applications and uses it’s 128 MB RAM to run them. It has almost all basic application that users would wish for in a pocket PC. The phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and comes with an office suite that enables users to view, edit and create Word, Excel d PowerPoint This handset also has the mobile versions of Internet Explorer, Windows messenger, Windows Media Player and supports push mail. The Opera Mobile browser is pre-installed and enhances the Web browsing experience.

The Adobe Reader LE lets users access PDF files anytime, anywhere. Other applications supported by the HTC Touch Viva include Zip, You Tube, JBlend, RSS Hub, streaming Media and Voice commander.

Users can add their favorite applications to the events page. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, GPRS and Wi-Fi. However, GPS and 3G features are missing.

Multimedia Features

The HTC Touch could not meet up to the expectations as far as its multimedia features are concerned. The device has a 2.0-megapixel camera. The clicked pictures and videos didn’t please much. The pictures can be directly uploaded to the Internet.

The phone comes with Windows Media Player, but lacks an FM radio transmitter. Due to the absence of a headphone, the audio quality in the headset mode was not tested. The audio quality in the loudspeaker mode is average. The audio booster feature works only when the headset is plugged in. It boosts the audio quality. The battery backup of the device is very good. A single charge lasts for five hours of talk time without playing music and a little browsing.


Size – 104.5 x 59 x 15.75

Weight – 110 grams

Memory – 128 MB, microSD

Battery – Li-ion 1100 mAh

Screen – 65,536 colors

Talktime/Standby – Up to 8 hours / Up to 270 hours

Bluetooth / Infrared – Yes/ No

Phonebook Capacity – Shared

Speaker Phone – Yes

Camera – 2.0 mega pixel

Freequency – GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Others – Windows Mobile 6.1, Opera Mobile Browser, You Tube


1. Runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 professional

2. Does not support 3G

3. Comes with 2.0-megapixel camera

4. Has a good battery backup

LOOKS – 80 %





Why My 13 Year Old Carries a Cell Phone

Parents Worry About Kids' Cell Phone Addiction

Are you concerned your child might be addicted to their smartphone? You'd be surprised how most parents responded to that question.

Geplaatst door FOX 35 Orlando op Woensdag 28 februari 2018

My son received a cell phone last year. He was thrilled, and truth be told, so was I. Now that he carries a phone, I find it much easier to work with peace of mind. Letting him take it to school and athletic events was a bit of a concern, but we worked it out.

Cell Phone photo
Photo by kevin dooley

School policy
According to school policy, cell phones cannot be used during school hours. That is more than reasonable, but my concern was my son and younger daughter’s walk to and from school. Knowing they could call me when they left the building, or send me a text letting me know he was subbing for a cross walker, made life easier. Before the cell phone, I ended up looking for him if he was late, only to eventually find him wearing the orange sash at the corner. He keeps the phone in his backpack, turned off, until he leaves the building.

Every situation is different
The decision to give him a cell phone was not entered into lightly. My oldest son was 16 and my daughter received hers when she turned 15. Their situations were different. My oldest two went to the school where I taught, so I knew where they were, this son and his little sister walked three blocks to their school and I liked knowing they could reach me if anything happened along the way, or if they locked themselves out of the house.

Unlike many of my son’s friends who carry phones, my son pitches in on the monthly cell phone bill. He pays a portion from his landscaping income to cover his service. The nice part is, his “clients,” our neighbors, know they can reach him on his cell phone to let him know if they need their gutters cleaned, or other additional services such as leaf removal in the fall or shoveling in the winter. He knows the phone is a privilege and treats it with respect.

Aside from being sure the phone is off and kept out of sight during school hours, the main rule is simple: he must answer the phone when I call. The first month of cell phone fun, brought with it consequences. He made the mistake of going to his friends house on his bike and then walked to a nearby playground with a group of boys. Normally that is not a problem, but that day I needed to find him, and could not reach him. His excuse, “I couldn’t hear my phone, I was playing kickball,” was reasonable knowing my son, but unacceptable. If he is going to carry a phone, he is going to check for missed calls and, if it is his mom calling, he will call back immediately!

Overall, this past year of my son carrying a cell phone has been great. While I reserve the right to pull the plug, so to speak, I am glad he is only a call away. 


Reviews 5 Top Sennheiser Telephone Headsets

Sennheiser is one of the best brands, if not the very best, when it comes to quality headphones and telephone headsets. Listed here are some of the best, most of which can be used for a variety of things along with as a phone.

Telephone Headset photo
Photo by alanclarkdesign

Sennheiser CC 550 Binaural Headset

At around $120, this headset just may be the most expensive one you’d ever own. But it’s worth it, especially if you spend hours a day on the phone. Compatible with all major telephone and call-center systems, the CC 550 provides crisp clear sound, noise cancelling microphone that is one of the best at blocking out background noise, anti-shock in earpieces that protect against acoustic shock and hearing damage, large and padded ear caps (that are also replaceable) that help block out noise and also offer supreme comfort. This is a great headset for both comfort and perfect sound, both great for long days at the office.

Sennheiser PC 161 Binaural Headset

Although this is billed as the ultimate gaming headset, it can also be used as a telephone. At $60 it is not exactly cheap for a headset, but when it comes to quality and comfort, it’s more than worth its price. If you want superior sound and microphone quality coupled with a headset that’s more than comfortable enough to use for hours on end, the PC 161 is definitely for you.

Sennheiser PC 151

Another headset geared for gaming, but also working great for a home or office telephone, the PC 151 is pretty much a cheaper version of the 161. The comfort level is very high, with its full-size ear cushions and lightweight build doesn’t weigh on you even after hours of use. It also comes with a great noise-cancelling microphone, a high-volume level with an adjustable volume control on the cord, and amazing sound that’s perfect for gaming or hearing those you’re speaking to. These run around $45, and at that price, this headset is more than a great deal.

Sennheiser MM50 Stereo Headset for Mobile Phones

If you’re looking for a quality headset to use with your mobile phone, you may want to consider the Sennheiser MM50, which is generally priced around $50. It’s hard to beat the sound quality with this, which lets you hear even the most subtle sounds and pick up things you’ve never heard before in your music. The earpiece design is great at blocking outside noise, and also comes with 3 different sizes in earpieces, so everyone can find the perfect fit.

Sennheiser PC130 Headset

The PC130 is another game-geared headset, that definitely is not the best in the line but for its price (averaging about $35) is a pretty good deal. The sound quality isn’t perfect and doesn’t capture every little noise, but it’s better than other cheaper headsets or even those you’ll find for around the same price. The quality of the microphone is “good enough,” meaning it also isn’t perfect, but it works well enough so those on the other end can easily hear and understand you. Also included is an in-line volume control, microphone mute, and a comfortably lightweight design so you can use for long hours gaming or talking on the phone.