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3 Best VPS Host 2020

Looking for the best web hosting VPS host this year is a tough job. It needs consideration of different factors, as well as citing reviews to ensure that the chosen service provider is worth it and proven effective. There is also a need to consider the price of it among its competitors in the field. This can help the people to plan out smartly and effectively in using web hosting mexico to improve the reaches of their website. However, with hundreds of competing brands, it became hard to choose and assess the best VPS host. Given that, here are the top 3 of it that can surely help you and your website a lot.

What are the Best VPS Hosting?

1. A2 Hosting

Garnering a point of 9.5 from the latest survey, this VPS web host is a must-try. It is known for high-quality services and offers proven effective in improving the features of a website. It also has excellent customer support, which is done by its 24/7 active lines to accommodate customers any time of the day. In this way also, they can easily monitor the situations of their customers using their offered services. This gives them the assurance that the customers are gaining benefits and enjoys their services. Another thing, this VPS Host has effective monitoring features to ensure that the customers’ accounts and availed services are not interrupted by any uninvited host.

Below are some of the must-know facts about A2 Hosting:

  • VPS Plans with Choice of BSD, Linux, or Windows
  • CPanel, CloudLinux, CentOS Available on VPS
  • Core Platform of VPS offers Root Server Access
  • SSD Storage has 20x Faster Speed
  • The starting cost is $5

2. FastComet

Next in line is another excellent and trustworthy VPS host that is also able to gain outstanding reviews from its previous and new clients. FastComet is one of the highly-recommended VPS hosts that performs excellence and reliability when it comes to providing the clients with their services. It has an outstanding rank of 9.4 from the latest survey conducted to know the best and top-performing VPS hosts nowadays. Also, out of all the brands, it got the second rank.

Furthermore, this VPS host is a must-have and must try not only because of its excellence and benefits but also because of its best customer support. Each customer is accommodated properly right after their complaints. In this way, any concern can be resolved, giving benefits to both parties.

Also, there is a technical support that seeks to resolve any issues concerning the technicalities of the host and website as its client. However, FastComet is pricey compared to other VPS hosts. It costs $59.95, which can be a bit heavy, especially to beginners.

Below are some other facts about FastComet that you need to know:

  • Premium Technical Support
  • VPS Scale Resource Real-Time Allocation
  • Daily Availability of Snapshot Service for MySQL and Backups
  • Domain Name with Standard Web LAMP Platform

3. Hostinger

The third in line is Hostinger, which is a well-known web host for its excellent and reliable features. If you are looking for a budget-friendly web host, then this must be your choice. It offers its services and features at an affordable price of $3.95. It’s great, isn’t it? This became the reason why a lot of web host clients, especially the beginners, chose to settle with Hostinger. Here, you are allowed to experience passion and excellence in web mejor hosting españa without spending a lot. It guided and helped different websites to grow influence in the market and the internet without taking their budgets at risk. Aside from the affordability, Hostinger is well-known for its excellent features. These are what make the clients happy with their website concerns and projects.

Moreover, below is further information that you need to know about Hostinger:

  • Load Balancing
  • cPanel Utilities
  • 2X Burstable RAM
  • Inexpensive VPS Plans
  • Robust Security Isolation
  • Excellent SSD Storage
  • CPU Cores
  • Configure Custom RAM
  • CMS Script Launching with Stack Custom Software

Considering the above-mentioned VPS hosts for your next web hosting projects is a must. All of these guarantee excellence and effectiveness when it comes to providing services and features. Of all the competing brands, these three made it to the top with their unending passion in serving the people with the best offers only.

Home Phone Service: Time Warner Digital Phone Versus Verizon Phone Service

Lockdown Home service

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Geplaatst door Radio Dharan 88.8 op Maandag 18 mei 2020

This new “digital phone” thing had me curious. Could I really pay regular normal monthly prices for virtually the same phone service I was already overpaying with Verizon? I decided to investigate.

Home Phone photo
Photo by Fred Veenkamp

First, Time Warner told me that I wouldn’t have to change my phone number, because it would simply be “ported” to their digital system. That was the first lie. Apparently, my phone number wasn’t “portable” and so I had to change it. I didn’t want to, but I did because I figured the savings would be worth it.

Then, they said my area code wasn’t available. Why? I still have no idea. So now I have a phone number with a different area code than everyone else I know in my area. The area code I do have is known for use with cell phones, so every time I give someone my phone number they ask me, “Oh, is that your cell?” NO!

The next problem began when Time Warner neglected to tell me that if I want voice-mail on my service, it costs an extra $4 a month. I thought I was going to receive all the same services as Verizon? Apparently not. Call waiting is standard, but there is no *69 or *66, no three-way calling, and if you want your phone number to be unlisted it costs extra.

Wait, I’m not done. The next problem (and as of yet unfixed problem) was with the caller-ID. When people called me, their names weren’t showing up correctly. And when I would call someone who didn’t also have the Time Warner digital phone, my number would appear correctly BUT my name would appear as a completely different name. (We think it is the name of the previous owner of the phone number I was given). This problem has been in the mix for almost two months now and has yet to be fixed. My plan? I am waiting until the next available business day and then I’m threatening to switch back to Verizon.

Another problem with Time Warner digital phone is these crazy phone numbers that call me. I keep my ringer off a lot of the time and so usually I just see who called on the Caller-ID and just call them back, but ever since I got the digital phone I get phone calls from numbers I can’t call back because the name will say “Unknown” and the number – instead of being a regular standard number with three digits for the area code, then three digits- then four – I get a phone number like “72”, or a number with an area code of “9”. How am I supposed to call that back? All of this stuff NEVER happened with my regular, plain old, un-digital Verizon service.

The good thing about digital phone? Ever since I got it my phone’s light, which blinks when I get a message, finally works. It never did with Verizon (why? I have no idea), but now all I need to do is look at the light to see if I have messages. It’s a small bonus compared to the other problems.

The truth is, I miss Verizon. I wasn’t a fan of their DSL but their phone service was great. I had a regular number with a normal area code. My number was unlisted and I never had any phone calls from weird numbers that I couldn’t call back. Everyone who called me had their number appear correctly on my Caller-ID, and more importantly, my number (and name) appeared normally on everyone else’s Caller-ID.

And with digital phone there is this whole issue of dialing 911 during a black-out. They tell you to make sure you have a cell phone because during a black-out 911 won’t work with digital phone. They also tell you that if you move to a different address, you must notify them immediately because if you have to dial 911 they won’t know where to go. It all just seems more trouble than it’s worth. I think I’m switching back soon, and I advise everyone else to not jump at the idea of a cheap phone bill and opt for something they wind up regretting.


How to Convert a Movie from DVD into a Cell Phone

While movie file in DVD is in VOB type, most of the cell phone can only read 3GP video files. Therefore, you cannot just simply copy and paste the files into your cell phone. You will need software to do the converting step.

DVD photo
Photo by saaby

There are many software to help you to convert from VOB to 3PG files. However, in my experience, I recommend you “Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper”. This program has a great converting speed. It also allows you to add caption in to your 3GP file.

You can download the 4 MB trial version of Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper here. The professional version costs about $30. .

This program is very simple to use. After installing and activating, click “Open” and locate the folder VIDEO_TS in your DVD. Click “OK”. You will see the main title of the movie. Click the plus sign (+) to display all the chapters. Each chapter will last about ten minutes. You can also view each chapter at “Scene Spot”. “Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper” allows you to convert each chapter to 3GP files. For instance, if you have 10 chapters in a movie, you have to convert ten times to have ten 3GP files of the entire movie.

Click “Audio Track” to choose the language. Besides, if you want to have caption in your 3GP file, click “Subtitle”, and then choose “Include Subtitle”. Otherwise, choose “Exclude Subtitle”. (In some cases, the program cannot display subtitle).

I recommend you to choose the video size; so that it can fix with your cell phone screen. In the “Video Size”, the smallest size you can choose is 160×120 and the biggest is 720×320. In addition, the quality of your video can be set at “Video Bitrate” (the lowest is 128 kbps and highest is 1024 kbps). You can also limit the output file at “Split Size”. “Aplus DVD to Cell Phone Ripper” will save your file at a default folder D:Aplusdvdto3gp.

After all the process is done, click “Start” to convert. It took my computer about 3 minutes to convert a 10 minutes movie. To make the process faster, you should save the entire DVD into only one 3GP file. In my experience, the one and a half-hour movie is about 300 MB when converted to 3GP.

I hope this article will help you to put your favorite movie into your cell phone. Therefore, you can view it anywhere you want.


Rules of Texting Update Cell Phone Etiquette

Unabashedly personal, sending text messages is quickly becoming second nature to young and old alike. Etiquette rules governing texts may not be spelled out as decidedly as email etiquette, but knowing a few basic texting rules prevents jobs loss and raised eyebrows.

Augment cell phone etiquette with texting

If you are running late for a meeting, text other participants. Do not send an email, which may not arrive in time, and do not call one business contact and burden her with the obligation to inform everyone else. When having to communicate while being in a noisy environment, opt for a texting rather than a call.

Texting etiquette takes abbreviations into consideration (sparingly)

"Stay away from obscure combinations or sentences that have more abbreviations than words," cautions the McCoy College of Business Administration. Not everyone is hip on the latest texting lingo, and the boss may have no clue what you are talking about. Worse yet, some abbreviations carry a double-entendre, which can be a problem in the business environment.

Rules of texting govern when — and when not — to send or look at a message

It is gauche to text during a wedding, funeral, religious observance, graduation celebration, keynote address, date or while at the dinner table. Remember also that recipients of texts are frequently audibly alerted to them; avoid texting at 4 a.m. In the same vein, do not barrage the recipient of a text message with follow-ups if there is no response in five, 10 or 15 minutes. For all you know, he may be at a wedding, funeral or other event that makes texting inappropriate.

Rules of texting follow the rules of the road

Plenty of locales have declared texting while driving to be illegal. Obey the law, even if you personally believe that you can drive without actually keeping your eyes on the road.

Obey others' rules

In class, texting may be forbidden by the instructor. At work, the supervisor probably has a rule against texting while working. Heed these rules. Do not be fooled into thinking that texting is so quick as not to be noticeable; after all, who looks at their nether regions — concealed by a desk — and smiles? Only a texter.

Keep conversations light

Texting at work may be necessary in limited capacity, but bad news and important hiring decisions need to be discussed either in person or over the phone. The same holds true for personal situations such as deaths, surprise pregnancies and relationship break-ups.


McCoy College of Business Administration: "Texting Etiquette…The Do's and Don'ts"


Oklahoma's Cheap Phone Service: A Home-Phone Solution

There are so many cell phones on the market today, each offering various minute plans and assorted fees, that many people often forget about how practical and useful a home phone can be (not only for emergencies but for daily use as well). Regular landline phone service can be rather costly but there is a solution for those who receive government assistance.

The government initiated a nationwide program that helps low income individuals and families by lowering the cost of cell phone or landline service. This program is known as Lifeline and affects the monthly charges incurred by basic service. The co-program Link-Up assists with the setup costs associated with phone service. The application process and requirements for these programs varies by state and phone company, but it usually requires documentation of participation in low-income assistance programs.

If you live in Oklahoma, you probably qualify if you or someone in your household are receiving assistance from any of the following programs:

Medicaid (including SoonerCare)

Food Stamps

TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

National School Lunch Program's Free Lunch Program

Vocational Rehabilitation (including aid to the hearing impaired)

Oklahoma Sales Tax Relief

Tribal Assistance Programs:

Head Start (income qualifying or residents of Tribal Lands only)

Tribally administered TANF

Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance

If you have credit problems, depending upon the phone company, it is possible to make arrangements to pay the set up costs. The lifeline program connects with thousands of phone companies, each of which offers their own monthly charges and setup fees. There are also prepaid landline service options available through several companies. You can find detailed information about participating phone companies in your state through the Lifeline Support website.

You are held responsible for any long distance charges; however, it is possible to block long distance calls from being made through your land line for free. Long distance calls can still be made if a prepaid calling card is used.

For Oklahoma residents interested in the Lifeline program, I highly recommend the phone company TerraCom ( Their lifeline service charge is strictly $1.95 a month plus setup fees which can be deferred over two to four months. After ordering phone service, it is usually connected within five business days. If for some reason service is not connected, their customer service agents are very friendly and help in any way they can to resolve the problem. If the situation requires, they will send a technician to fix the problems with the wiring inside or outside your home usually the next business day.

You can sign up for Inside Wiring Plus, insurance that costs only $1.00 a month (price may vary) . The insurance covers any charges incurred from sending a technician to repair the inside wiring required for their phone service.

They also offer unlimited dial-up internet for $14.95 a month. Their speed and price is comparable with other internet service providers and they are more reliable than People PC, MSN, and NetZero. They have local access numbers for most areas and a free web accelerator. I have not experienced any problems with their internet service and set up was easy as their technical support walked me through each step. Their technical agent had me online in less than five minutes. They do not offer a browser, but that is preferable since browsers provided with MSN are harder to update and control than the more popular browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Overall, I am very pleased with TerraCom and I recommend them to anyone interested in the Lifeline program or basic landline phone service.

A Special Note About Having Service Connected…

If a previous resident failed to pay for their phone service through this provider, the landlord must sign a document stating that the resident is no longer living at the residence. Until they receive this document by fax, mail, or in person, they will not connect service.


My Favorit Smart Phone is the Sprint LG Optimus S

Smart Phone photo
Photo by Jangra Works

My favorite smart phone would have to be the Sprint LG Optimus S. The reason this smart phone is my favorite is simple. This is the only smart phone I have ever owned. Aside from that reason in particular, this phone allows me to surf the internet, download apps, check my email, and play games with people from all over the world. This phone is basically a mini, pocket sized computer. In addition to all the extra features that this phone has, it is still a phone that I can make and receive phone calls on and send and receive text messages. Not to mention this phone doubles as an MP3 player.

I like to be able to look up movie times, football scores, or just anything at the drop of a hat. This phone allows me to do just that with its internet capabilities. This phone also has a built in GPS, which is really cool if you are bad with directions, but the GPS also tells you where you took your pictures. My email is automatically sent to my phone and I receive a notification when I receive a new email. I can also play games, but not just single games by myself I can play a word game, like Scrabble with someone from 4000 miles away. You can also download apps that help you track different things, such as your weight, how many weeks pregnant you are, how many calories you are consuming a day, or how much exercise you get. These are really cool apps and there are literally millions of different apps. You can also get apps for music and ringtones. I love the technology of the smart phones.

A couple of things about this phone that I do not like would have to be the battery life. If you do not use the phone at all during the day, it will last you all day. What’s the fun in that though? So I have to charge mine once, sometimes twice a day. Another disadvantage of this phone would have to be rebooting it occasionally because it will freeze up. I guess you have to do that with any computer so it’s not that bad. Those are the only issues I have had with my Sprint LG Optimus S. I know these are just minor but a longer lasting battery would be awesome.


Net 10 Pre-paid Telephone Service

The pay-as-you-go market for cell phones in the US has exploded. There are so many damn choices out there now that it is hard to decide just who to go with anymore. Living in Sweden, I did not want to be locked into a monthly contract. I did, however, wish to make it easier for friends and family to reach me on my frequent jaunts to the US. I had already gotten burned heavily by Virgin Mobile last year, so they were out for sure. That narrowed the playing field down to just 19 jillion…

After standing there reading packages on various phones for an hour, we settled on the Net 10 service. I liked the look of their Motorola V176 phone, and it started off with 300 minutes. This flip phone was comparable in price at $88 to all the other flip phones, but those services had considerably less time with them from the get-go, making this one the most cost effective. Besides, it's blue and I love blue. heh.

The other deal-maker was that even though other services may advertise 10 cents per minutes anywhere in the US, it ain't so. Virgin Mobile, for example, actually charges 25 cents per minute for the first 10 minutes each day, and then drops to 10 cents per minute. That's crap (on top of their lousy customer service.) Net 10 is a just a straight 10 cents per minute, no pussy footing around about it.

Most of the pay per minute services also limit you to the US. With Net 10, I can now call Europe too. For an additional 5 cents per minute. That's right. Once you sign up for their International Long Distance service at the Net 10 website, you can call just about anywhere in Europe for a mere 15 cents per minute. Oh, some countries you can only call to land-lines and not other cell phones, and people cannot call me while I'm at home due to the 1800 vs. 1900 systems between the two, but that's ok by me. I just wanted to be able to call home if I ever needed to in an emergency… (like if I needed to call Lars' sister and tell her I had beat her brother near death for staying out til 5:30AM celebrating a Hungarian friend's birthday at a strip club on Bourbon Street…)

So. Yeah. The choice made, we went to the website to activate the phones. We actually bought 3 of them. Activation on the first two via the website was quick and painless. The website is very easy to navigate so finding the activation area was toot-sweet. The site is all about cool blues and white, with menus on the left side and up top. These are different menus, mind you, so do look at them both. Rather than a small top line of options, though, they are big and bold and easy to see for folks like me with aging eyes.

Across the top you will find links to Add Airtime, Activate Phone, Buy Airtime, Buy Phones, Buy Accessories, and Buy Ringtones. Down the left side of the page you can go Home, see How It Works, view Rates, Compare to others, look at their various Phones, find Retailers, view Coverage Maps, Questions, Voice Mail Setup, ILD, Test Messaging, aaaaand Tech Support. Things do seem to open slowly on this site, but I will temper that by saying that I am on a fairly slow hotel connection right now so it may be the fault of that rather than the fault of Net 10. They do tend to open pages slower than other sites though via the same connection.

The first phone (Lars) activated immediately. The second phone (mine) took about 10 minutes before it activated. The third phone we bought was for one of Lars' employees from Hungary who wanted to call his wife back home inexpensively. It took me several hours to get that one activated. Seems they were experiencing a short glitch by the time I got to his. I called their customer service line to find out why the delay and those folks were just very nice and apologetic.

The website has a large variety of ringtones, wallpapers, and screen savers available for download. You can pay for them with your minutes or with a Credit Card. I went with the She's In Love With The Boy ringtone and paid I think it was about 20 minutes (or about 2 bucks) for it. It was on my ringtone menu on my phone within seconds. Their ringtones do have a bit of a tinny quality to them, unlike some other services which have much clearer music selections, but for the major price difference on the airtime and the ability to call Europe, I can live with that sound quality.

Net 10 is owned by Tracfone, but they utilize cell towers of pretty much all the major carriers I believe. I know the coverage area is practically everywhere it seems. They have the ability to surf the web and check email, but I am not likely to use those. You might, though. The phone also came with a few little simple games on it. I'm a bit old school so of course got sucked in by their version of umm oh what the hell was the name of that game… Space Invaders! So much for the 7-day battery life when you aren't talking.

I ended up calling their customer service a few times and was quite pleased with them at first. Apparently, they have a much different process for calling outside the US than most phones. I missed that part even though it is displayed on their website, so I called to gripe when Jordi had trouble reaching Hungary (I am the designated griper when it has to be done in English.) That chick was very patient with my idiot moment, and we had a good laugh over it.

Then, Lars' SIM card blew up after one day of usage. I called again. Again they were very patient and nice, and the new SIM arrived in just a few days, free of charge… and they said we would get the same number. That was important to him as he had already added this number to his business cards and had handed out quite a few.

Unfortunately, the promised number being ported to the new SIM never happened. All that happened was a run-around of being told to call back every day for a week, with the end result being one chick activating the phone with a new number while telling me she was activating it with the old number.

Also, I was told by on CS rep that I would be given extra time on the phone for all our trouble. The amount they gave? 10 minutes… the equivalent of a dollar. I am now fed up and disgusted with this company. I used them until we got back to Sweden, but I will not be renewing any time on these phones with them like I had planned. I have trashed these phones, and will be trying yet a different company next time I am in the US on business.


Civil Rights Groups Wary of “Stingray” Phone Tracking Tool

Civil Rights Groups photo
Photo by roberthuffstutter

There is a device that exists called the Stingray, that, according to InfoWars, mimics a cell phone tower and in so doing, allows those that control it, to eavesdrop on conversations and to track down a user by their phone’s location. The device was developed by a company whose name has not been divulged with funds paid for by the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. The purpose, Slate says, was to help the government nail terrorists. Unfortunately, as Mail Online adds, law enforcement officials have been using the device to catch regular criminals, and in the process, have been stepping all over non-guilty people’s rights to privacy.

Media around the world, along with civil rights groups upon hearing of how those whose job it is to uphold the law have been using the device, have been condemning such use and admonishing those who are using it for what they call unlawful purposes.

In practice, Slate notes, the device is rather simple and straightforward, though how it can and should be used is not. It’s basically a reconstruct of a normal cell phone tower with additional electronics added on. That electronics allows for any signal that reaches the tower to be routed to a real tower, while a duplicate copy is sent to a designated site. That allows those at the designated site to listen in on any conversations that occur via cell phone in a designated area-without obtaining a warrant. Perhaps, just as serious, is technology added to the tower that also allows for much more precise tracking of a cell phone’s signal. Instead of two or three square blocks as is typical for tracking regular cellular signals, the Stingray can pin its location down to a single building.

That such technology has been created and used to thwart terrorism is not the issue of course. What is, says Slate, is misuse of the technology by law enforcement officials in Los Angeles and other still unidentified locations to listen in and trace calls made by people in the country that are not suspected of terrorist activities-a clear violation of several civil rights laws and possibly the Constitution.

Thus far, InforWars says, local law enforcement officials have not commented on the use of the Stingray, nor has any official at the federal level, though Slate says, such announcements will almost certainly be coming forth over the next several weeks as media around the world begin to demand answers from officials at their local jurisdictions.


Top Five Cell Phone Games

It doesn’t matter where I go, or who I see, it seems like nearly everyone has a cell phone today. Lots of those people are playing games on their cell phones, too! If you have a cell phone and have a few extra minutes between appointments, classes, or while waiting at the doctor, cell phone games can help you pass the time. I love playing games on my cell phone!

Cell Phone Games photo
Photo by jurvetson

Here are my top picks for cell phone games:

#1 Cell Phone Game: Diner Dash
Diner Dash is my all time #1 favorite cell phone game! Poor Flo left her job and became a waitress. In Diner Dash, she must juggle sitting customers, getting their orders turned in, serving them food, and giving them their bill-all before they get mad and leave her restaurant! You can get bonus points, and every time one restaurant is successfully served, a new restaurant, and more work for Flo, is opened.

The restaurants in my version of Diner Dash are Diner, Tiki Palace, Seafood, and Chez Flo. Each restaurant has 10 levels.

Gemma's Journey in Blitz Quest

If you missed watching Gemma's journey earlier, here it is! #BejeweledBlitz #BlitzQuest

Geplaatst door Bejeweled op Vrijdag 24 mei 2019

#2 Cell Phone Game: Bejeweled
Like it’s online cousin, this game is simply addictive! The goal? To move your “jewels” so that there are three of the same color in a row, either horizontally or vertically. Once there are three or more in a row, those “jewels” disappear, giving you points, and the more jewels are added. You can earn bonus points and the game continues until there are no more jewels that can be moved to form a line of three.

#3 Cell Phone Game: Tetris
This has been one of my favorite games! It’s still nearly as popular as it was when it was released in 1985. The concept behind it is simple, quick and sometimes not so easy. Different shapes of blocks fall from the tops of your phone screen, and you need to move them into place to form a solid line. Every time you form a solid line, the line disappears and you get points.

You loose the game if the blocks mount up and block any other shapes from falling into your playing arena.

#4 Cell Phone Game: Collapse
Woohoo! Another puzzle game! Different colored pieces rise from the bottom of your screen, moving towards the top. Your goal? To spot any grouping of three same-colored pieces and click on any of the boxes which will eliminate them from the game. As these pieces disappear, the pieces surrounding them are automatically rearranged, so you continue to look for the grouping of three format.

You loose when the series of blocks reaches the top of the screen, stopping any other blocks from coming up from the bottom.

#5 Cell Phone Game: PacMan
Who hasn’t played, or seen PacMan??? Ok, for the benefit of those of you who haven’t played PacMan, there’s a little person that can be manipulated to move around a track of sorts, trying to move over little dots that are then eliminated from the screen. When all of the dots have been eliminated you are moved to a higher, more difficult level. All the while, little monsters are chasing you, trying to eat you (and make you loose the game).



HTC Thunderbolt is the Best Smart Phone on the Market

There are tons of smart phones on the market now. In fact most phones for sale are smart phones. Very few regular cell phones are made anymore. So if you want to get the best smart phone it is hard to know which phone to choose. Thanks to this HTC Thunderbolt review you can know about one of the best smart phones for sale now. This review should let you know if the HTC Thunderbolt is the right smart phone for you.

HTC phone photo


The HTC Thunderbolt is one of the latest smart phones to be realised. That means that you can expect the HTC Thunderbolt to be one of the best and to also be one of the most expensive. Unless you have a upgrade coming the HTC Thunderbolt is going to cost you around $500 depending on where you get it. That might seem pricey but it is not that bad for what you get as you will see as you read more from this HTC Thunderbolt review.

The HTC Thunderbolt has many features like you would expect from a smart phone. The phone comes with an impressive 32gb card which is much more memory then most phones come with. Most phone come with 8gb and then you might want to spend the money to get the upgrade coming with the 32gb saves you money by not having to get the upgrade and makes the phone more affordable.

Most smart phones come with at least one camera. Most of the newer smart phone models come with two cameras and the HTC Thunderbolt is no exception. The phone has a 1.3Mp camera for video calls. The other camera is a full 8MP. It also records in 720 HD which is not the best HD quality but it is the second best HD quality you can get. If you do not already have a camera or a video camera then the HTC Thunderbolt is good enough to be your only camera or video camera. By saving you money doubling as a camera the HTC Thunderbolt is even more affordable.

The HTC Thunderbolt also features GPS navigation. I just bought a new and car I was able to save money not getting the navigation because the phone has it already. Many smart phones try to be everything in one device and end up not giving you a good product. With the large 8gb internal memory, 32gb expansion memory, top of the line processor, and the latest Android OS the HTC Thunderbolt has all the software to handle the top of the line hardware that the phone has.

The HTC Thunderbolt has some features that set it apart from other smart phones. The HTC Thunderbolt offers an enhanced web experience with features like google search by voice which is really handy. The one thing I should tell you in this HTC Thunderbolt review is the best thing it offers is the Internet experience. It offers a great program for keeping up with social networking. The video camera offers some great video chatting. By far the best thing about the HTC Thunderbolt is that it is 4G. Nothing else is faster. You will have amazing speeds online and the best part is being new there are few people using 4G to slow you down.

About the only bad thing I can say in this HTC Thunderbolt review is that there are not as many Android apps as Apple apps. However Android is always adding more and getting closer to Apple. I also find the Android OS much easier to use then Apple and think you are getting a much better trade off for a few less apps for a much better experience the entire time I use the phone.

Normally I do not suggest people go out and buy the newest and latest thing but advise people to wait. Often the price will go down and better improved versions will also come out. However with the HTC Thunderbolt you get something that is priced comparably with other smart phones and is not way expensive like a top of the line product like it should be priced. The HTC Thunderbolt also does not have any problems like you expect from cutting edge new products. I highly recommend the HTC Thunderbolt as you probably have already figured out from this HTC Thunderbolt review.